Top 15 Strongest Amphibia Characters Ranked

List of Strongest Amphibia Characters Ranked:

15. Bogdan

Bogdan is a minor character in Amphibia.

He is a toad and one of the citizens of Wartwood.

While Bogdan doesn’t possess any exceptional strengths or abilities, he is known for his distinctive appearance and voice.

He is often seen as part of the background cast, adding to the atmosphere and humor of certain scenes.

14. Wally

Wally is a frog and a recurring character in Amphibia.

He is a citizen of Wartwood and often seen as a background character.

Wally doesn’t possess any extraordinary strengths or abilities, but he is known for his friendly and helpful nature.

He occasionally assists the main characters in their adventures, offering support and advice when needed.

13. Mayor Toadstool

Mayor Toadstool is the mayor of Wartwood and a recurring character in Amphibia.

While Mayor Toadstool is in a position of authority, he doesn’t exhibit notable physical or magical abilities.

He is depicted as a somewhat bumbling and easily influenced character.

Mayor Toadstool is often focused on maintaining order and appeasing the citizens of Wartwood.

12. Felicia Sundew

A skilled and agile assassin.

Proficient in hand-to-hand combat and acrobatics.

Possesses exceptional stealth and sneakiness.

Demonstrates expertise in using various weapons.

Has a strong determination to complete her missions.

Known for her resourcefulness and quick thinking.

11. Polly Plantar

A young and energetic frog with a lot of spirit.

Despite her small size, she displays surprising physical strength.

Possesses the ability to regenerate limbs, making her difficult to defeat.

Shows remarkable agility and flexibility in her movements.

Quick on her feet and skilled at evading danger.

Fearless and adventurous, always willing to take risks for the sake of her family and friends.

10. Lady Olivia

A powerful and respected member of Toad Tower.

Displays strong leadership skills.

Possesses a formidable presence and commands respect from her followers.

Skilled in combat, with expertise in using a sword.

Shows tactical thinking and strategic planning.

Demonstrates a strong sense of duty and loyalty to her people.

9. Sprig Plantar

A young and enthusiastic frog who often serves as the voice of reason.

Displays physical agility and quick reflexes.

Shows remarkable adaptability and problem-solving skills.

Skilled in using his environment to his advantage.

Demonstrates loyalty and bravery in protecting his family and friends.

Possesses a positive and optimistic attitude, inspiring others around him.

8. Hop Pop Plantar

An experienced and wise frog who serves as the grandfather figure.

Demonstrates impressive knowledge of nature and survival skills.

Skilled in potion-making, providing valuable support through his concoctions.

Displays exceptional wisdom and often acts as the voice of reason.

Shows determination and resilience in protecting his family and friends.

Possesses strategic thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Adept at using his cane as a weapon when necessary.

Provides valuable guidance and mentorship to the younger characters.

7. General Yunan

A powerful and mystical toad who guards the ancient temples.

Possesses extensive knowledge of ancient magic and artifacts.

Demonstrates mastery over elemental abilities, such as controlling fire and lightning.

Shows formidable combat skills, combining physical strength with magic.

Exhibits strategic thinking and planning in defending sacred places.

Has a deep understanding of the history and secrets of Amphibia.

Commands respect and authority among the inhabitants of the temples.

6. Captain Grime

A formidable toad warrior and leader of the Toad Army.

Displays exceptional physical strength and combat skills.

Skilled in various forms of weaponry and hand-to-hand combat.

Demonstrates strong leadership qualities, commanding loyalty from his subordinates.

Exhibits tactical thinking and strategic planning in battles.

Shows resilience and determination in achieving his goals.

Possesses a fierce and intimidating presence on the battlefield.

5. Marcy Wu

A resourceful and intelligent human who finds herself in Amphibia.

Displays exceptional problem-solving and analytical skills.

Possesses knowledge of technology and scientific principles.

Shows quick thinking and adaptability in unfamiliar situations.

Exhibits bravery and courage in facing challenges and dangers.

Skilled in strategic planning and forming alliances.

Develops a deep understanding and appreciation for Amphibia’s culture and inhabitants.

4. Sasha Waybright

A determined and strategic teenager from Earth.

Displays exceptional combat skills, particularly in swordsmanship.

Possesses quick reflexes and agility in battles.

Demonstrates tactical thinking and planning in missions.

Shows leadership qualities, often taking charge of situations.

Exhibits resourcefulness and adaptability in various environments.

Has a strong sense of loyalty towards her friends.

Develops resilience and personal growth throughout the series.

3. Anne Boonchuy

While Anne may not possess supernatural powers like some of the other characters, she demonstrates great strength and resilience.

Shows physical agility and combat skills acquired through her experiences in Amphibia.

Displays resourcefulness in various situations, finding creative solutions to problems.

Develops a strong bond with her friends and allies, relying on their support and cooperation.

Demonstrates growth and personal development throughout the series, adapting to the challenges she faces.

Exhibits leadership qualities by taking charge in critical situations and inspiring others.

Possesses a strong moral compass and determination to do what is right.

Acts as a driving force behind the protagonists’ goals and is a central figure in their mission.

2. King Andrias

A strong and formidable ruler of Amphibia.

Demonstrates exceptional leadership skills and strategic thinking.

Possesses a regal presence and commands authority.

Skilled in combat, able to hold his own against opponents in battles.

Has the ability to manipulate water, allowing him to create powerful water-based attacks.

Exhibits knowledge of Amphibia’s history, culture, and arcane artifacts.

Has loyal followers and subjects who serve him without question.

Represents a significant challenge to the protagonists’ goals and poses a threat to their mission.

1. Andrias Leviathan

An ancient and powerful newt who has lived for centuries.

Possesses incredible physical strength, able to overpower opponents easily.

Has an extensive knowledge of magic and arcane arts, making him a formidable spellcaster.

Can manipulate water and create powerful water-based attacks.

Has control over the Calamity Box, a mystical artifact that grants him access to other worlds.

As the ruler of Amphibia, he commands respect and loyalty from his subjects.

Displays cunning and strategic thinking in his plans to achieve his goals.

Represents a significant threat to the protagonists due to his overwhelming power and knowledge.

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