Top 10 Strongest King of the Hill Characters, Ranked

List of Strongest King of the Hill Characters:

10. John Redcorn

Traditional Healer: John Redcorn is a Native American healer who uses traditional remedies and practices. He is knowledgeable about herbal medicine and alternative healing methods.

Wisdom: He often provides sage advice and wisdom to those around him, especially Nancy and her son, Joseph.

Patience: John Redcorn demonstrates patience in his interactions with Nancy, despite the complicated nature of their relationship.

Father Figure: He serves as a father figure to Joseph, who believes that John Redcorn is his biological father. John Redcorn cares deeply for Joseph and provides emotional support.

Musical Talent: He is a skilled musician and plays the guitar, often performing in a band. His musical talent is one of his defining characteristics.

9. Nancy Gribble

Assertiveness: Nancy is assertive and confident, often speaking her mind without hesitation.

Career Success: She is a successful local television reporter with her own TV show, “Nancy’s Mirror on the World.” Her career reflects her ambition and dedication.

Intelligence: Nancy is intelligent and resourceful, often using her investigative skills to uncover stories for her news reporting.

Relationships: She is skilled at navigating complex relationships, particularly her long-running affair with John Redcorn, which she manages to keep hidden from her husband, Dale.

Independence: Nancy’s independence is one of her strengths, as she is not solely defined by her marriage to Dale and maintains her own identity and career.

8. Cotton Hill

War Veteran: Cotton Hill is a war veteran who served in World War II and the Korean War. He often boasts about his military service and his experiences in combat.

Fearlessness: Cotton is portrayed as fearless and often engages in reckless or daring actions, partly due to his disregard for safety and authority.

Strength and Toughness: Despite his age and the fact that he lost his shins during World War II, Cotton is physically strong and tough. He is known for his resilience and ability to endure hardships.

Outspoken: Cotton is extremely outspoken and often makes politically incorrect or offensive comments. His brash and unfiltered personality is a defining characteristic.

Unconventional Parenting: As a father, Cotton has an unconventional and often neglectful parenting style. He frequently clashes with his son, Hank, over their differing values.

7. Kahn Souphanousinphone

Wealth and Success: Kahn is a wealthy businessman who holds a high-paying job. His success allows him to live in a upscale neighborhood in Arlen.

Intelligence: He is intelligent and well-educated, often using his knowledge to pursue his career ambitions and engage in intellectual pursuits.

Competitiveness: Kahn is highly competitive and often engages in competitions and one-upmanship with his neighbors, particularly Hank Hill.

Cultural Pride: He takes pride in his Laotian heritage and often tries to maintain his cultural traditions and values, even in a predominantly American neighborhood.

Family Values: While he may have a competitive nature, Kahn deeply cares for his family, particularly his wife Minh and daughter Connie. He often seeks their approval and wants the best for them.

6. Bobby Hill

Sensitive Nature: Bobby Hill is Hank and Peggy’s only child. He is portrayed as sensitive, gentle, and compassionate.

Interest in Comedy: Bobby has a strong interest in comedy and often aspires to be a comedian. He has a unique sense of humor that doesn’t always align with his father’s more traditional values.

Hobbies: Bobby has various hobbies and interests throughout the series, including dance, cooking, and acting. These interests reflect his individuality and curiosity.

Challenging Stereotypes: Bobby challenges traditional stereotypes of masculinity, as he is not interested in sports or other stereotypically “boyish” activities. This makes him a unique character in the show.

Close Relationship with Hank: Despite their differences, Bobby has a close and loving relationship with his father, Hank. Their dynamic is a central theme of the series.

5. Peggy Hill

Substitute Spanish Teacher: Peggy Hill is a substitute Spanish teacher at Tom Landry Middle School. She takes pride in her teaching role and often tries to impress others with her knowledge of Spanish.

Confidence and Ambition: Peggy is known for her self-confidence and ambition. She often pursues various interests and goals, sometimes with comically overconfident results.

Fluency in Spanish: Peggy is fluent in Spanish and often tries to use her language skills to help others, even if it sometimes leads to misunderstandings.

Narcissism: Peggy has a tendency to be narcissistic and self-centered, often overestimating her abilities and knowledge.

Motherly Role: She takes on the role of Bobby’s mother and strives to provide love and support to him, even though they sometimes clash over their differences.

4. Bill Dauterive

Military Background: Bill is a military veteran who served in the U.S. Army. He often references his time in the service and sometimes wears his military uniform.

Depression and Loneliness: Bill struggles with depression and loneliness throughout the series, often as a result of his failed marriage and lack of a stable romantic relationship.

Kindness and Loyalty: Despite his personal issues, Bill is known for his kindness and loyalty to his friends, particularly Hank, Dale, and Boomhauer.

Sensitivity: Bill is portrayed as a sensitive and emotional character, and he often seeks comfort and support from his friends during tough times.

Cooking Skills: Bill is an excellent cook and often prepares delicious meals for his friends, which is one of his talents.

3. Boomhauer

Mysterious Speech: Boomhauer is known for his fast and often unintelligible speech, which leaves his friends and neighbors struggling to understand him.

Bachelor Lifestyle: He is a confirmed bachelor who is rarely seen with long-term romantic partners. His carefree lifestyle and independence are recurring themes in the show.

Car Enthusiast: Boomhauer is passionate about cars and often spends time working on them in his garage. His extensive car knowledge is one of his defining characteristics.

Friendship and Loyalty: Despite his sometimes aloof demeanor, Boomhauer is a loyal friend who cares for his neighbors and often helps them out of tough situations.

Professional Life: While Boomhauer’s profession is not explicitly revealed in the series, he is depicted as a responsible and employed individual who holds a job, unlike some of his friends.

2. Dale Gribble

Conspiracy Theorist: Dale Gribble is a paranoid conspiracy theorist who often believes in far-fetched and sometimes absurd theories about government conspiracies, aliens, and other phenomena.

Bug Exterminator: He works as a professional exterminator, running his own pest control business called “Dale’s Dead Bug.” He is knowledgeable about insects and pest control methods.

Lack of Self-Awareness: Dale lacks self-awareness and often behaves in ways that are hypocritical or contradictory to his own beliefs. He is oblivious to the fact that his wife, Nancy, had an affair with John Redcorn.

Smoking: He is a heavy smoker and is almost always seen with a cigarette in his hand.

Hat and Sunglasses: Dale is rarely seen without his distinctive hat and sunglasses, which are part of his iconic look.

1. Hank Hill

Propane Salesman: Hank Hill is a propane salesman who works for Strickland Propane. He is dedicated to his job and takes pride in his work, often saying, “I sell propane and propane accessories.”

Traditional Values: Hank is known for his strong adherence to traditional American values, including hard work, honesty, and family. He is a staunch conservative.

Love of Propane: He has a deep love for propane and believes it to be the ideal fuel for grilling and heating. He often evangelizes the benefits of propane to others.

Fatherly Figure: Hank is a loving and responsible father to his son, Bobby, and takes his role as a parent seriously.

Reserved Nature: Hank is reserved and often struggles with expressing his emotions. He is not one to openly share his feelings but cares deeply for those close to him.

Neighborly Relationships: He values his relationships with his neighbors and friends, particularly Dale, Bill, and Boomhauer. The interactions between the four neighbors are central to the show’s humor and storytelling.

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