Top 15 Smartest The Amazing World of Gumball Characters Ranked

List of Smartest The Amazing World of Gumball Characters Ranked:

15. Miss Simian

As the strict and cunning schoolteacher, Miss Simian demonstrates intelligence through her manipulative nature and ability to stay one step ahead of her students.

She is knowledgeable in various subjects and uses her intelligence to devise schemes and strategies to maintain control over the students and achieve her goals.

Miss Simian often outsmarts Gumball and his friends, showcasing her sharp intellect and ability to exploit their weaknesses.

14. Granny Jojo

Granny Jojo, the mother of Richard and grandmother of Gumball and Darwin, may not always appear smart, but she has her moments of cunning and wit.

She often surprises others with her clever and unexpected actions, demonstrating her ability to think on her feet and adapt to situations.

Granny Jojo’s intelligence can be seen in her strategic planning and ability to manipulate circumstances to her advantage.

13. Mr. Small

Mr. Small, the kind-hearted school counselor, exhibits intelligence through his deep understanding of human nature and emotions.

He is perceptive and empathetic, able to provide insightful advice to students facing personal or emotional challenges.

Mr. Small’s wisdom and philosophical outlook on life showcase his intellectual depth and ability to offer unique perspectives to others.

12. Principal Brown

Principal Brown is the head of Elmore Junior High and demonstrates intelligence through his organizational skills and ability to handle school affairs efficiently.

He is knowledgeable about school policies and regulations, ensuring that the educational environment runs smoothly.

Principal Brown often makes decisions based on careful analysis and consideration, showcasing his ability to think critically and problem-solve effectively.

11. Carrie Krueger

Carrie Krueger is a ghost student with a dark and mysterious personality. Her intelligence lies in her supernatural abilities and knowledge of the spirit world.

She possesses an understanding of ghostly phenomena and is often sought out by Gumball and his friends for her expertise in dealing with paranormal situations.

Carrie’s intelligence manifests in her resourcefulness and strategic thinking when it comes to dealing with ghosts or other supernatural entities.

10. Masami Yoshida

Masami Yoshida is a cloud-like character who is often portrayed as popular and sophisticated. Her intelligence is seen through her social skills and emotional intelligence.

She has a keen awareness of social dynamics and can read people’s emotions well, allowing her to navigate social situations with ease.

Masami’s intelligence is reflected in her ability to manipulate social situations to her advantage and maintain her popularity among her peers.

9. Clayton

Clayton is a cactus-like character known for his high intelligence and bookish nature.

He is often seen with a book in hand, showcasing his love for learning and his extensive knowledge in various subjects.

Clayton’s intelligence is reflected in his ability to provide insightful and well-researched information, making him a valuable resource for Gumball and his friends.

8. Tobias Wilson

Tobias Wilson is a colorful character who fancies himself as a ladies’ man and is known for his vanity.

While his intelligence may not be explicitly showcased, Tobias often surprises others with unexpected bursts of cleverness and quick thinking.

Tobias is resourceful and can come up with creative solutions to problems when the situation calls for it, indicating his intelligence beyond his self-absorbed persona.

7. Bobert

Bobert is a robotic character who stands out for his advanced technological capabilities and logical thinking.

As a robot, Bobert possesses vast amounts of information and computational abilities, making him a valuable asset when it comes to problem-solving and scientific inquiries.

Bobert’s intelligence is often demonstrated through his analytical approach to situations, providing logical solutions to the challenges faced by Gumball and his friends.

6. Penny Fitzgerald

Penny Fitzgerald is a shapeshifting fairy who often exhibits intelligence through her level-headedness and problem-solving skills.

She is quick to analyze situations and come up with rational solutions, showcasing her logical thinking and intelligence.

Penny’s intelligence is also evident in her empathy and emotional intelligence, allowing her to understand and support her friends during challenging times.

5. Anais Watterson

Anais Watterson, Gumball’s younger sister, is depicted as highly intelligent for her age.

Anais possesses advanced knowledge in various subjects, often displaying a level of intellectual maturity beyond her years.

Her intelligence is showcased through her critical thinking skills, cleverness, and ability to strategize and outsmart others.

4. Richard Watterson

Richard Watterson, the father figure in the Watterson family, may not always appear intelligent, but he has moments of unexpected wisdom and insight.

Richard demonstrates emotional intelligence, providing valuable advice and guidance to his children when they face challenges.

While he may not possess the same level of academic or logical intelligence as some other characters, Richard’s kindness and understanding make him wise in his own way.

3. Nicole Watterson

Nicole Watterson, the mother figure in the Watterson family, is depicted as highly intelligent and resourceful.

She is a responsible and competent character, often taking charge of situations and finding practical solutions to problems.

Nicole’s intelligence is showcased through her multitasking abilities, strategic thinking, and her ability to handle the challenges of both work and family life.

2. Darwin Watterson

Darwin Watterson, Gumball’s adoptive brother, may not possess the same level of intellectual knowledge as some other characters, but he demonstrates emotional intelligence and empathy.

Darwin is perceptive and understanding, often offering insightful perspectives and providing emotional support to his friends and family.

His intelligence lies in his ability to navigate social dynamics and understand the emotions and needs of those around him.

1. Gumball Watterson

Gumball Watterson, the main character of the show, showcases intelligence through his creative problem-solving skills and out-of-the-box thinking.

He often comes up with unconventional solutions to challenges, demonstrating his ability to think in innovative ways.

Gumball’s intelligence is also reflected in his quick wit, cleverness, and ability to adapt to various situations.

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