Top 30 Most Popular South Park Character Ranked

List of Most Popular South Park Character Ranked:

30. Mr. Mackey

School counselor: Mr. Mackey is the school counselor at South Park Elementary, responsible for providing guidance and support to the students.

Catchphrase: He is known for his catchphrase, “M’kay,” which he often uses to emphasize his points or as a filler word in his speech.

Well-meaning but often overwhelmed: Mr. Mackey genuinely cares about the well-being of the students but sometimes struggles to handle the various challenges and issues they bring to him.

29. Satan

Ruler of Hell: Satan is depicted as the ruler of Hell in the South Park universe, often portrayed as a conflicted character with a complex personality.

Romantic relationship: He is in a tumultuous romantic relationship with Saddam Hussein, which often leads to comedic and dramatic situations.

Vulnerabilities and insecurities: Despite his demonic powers, Satan is often portrayed as having vulnerabilities and insecurities, adding depth to his character.

28. Mysterion (Kenny’s superhero alter ego)

Superhero persona: Mysterion is the alter ego of Kenny McCormick, one of the main characters. He adopts this persona to fight crime and protect the town of South Park.

Immortality and resurrection: Mysterion has the ability to resurrect himself after death, making him practically immortal.

Dark and mysterious: Mysterion is often depicted as a dark and enigmatic character, driven by a sense of justice and a desire to protect others.

27. Nathan

Antagonistic character: Nathan is often portrayed as an antagonist in the series, frequently engaging in schemes and conflicts with the main characters.

Bullying tendencies: He is known for his bullying behavior, particularly targeting characters like Butters and Tweek.

Manipulative and conniving: Nathan is skilled at manipulating situations to his advantage, often using deception and trickery to achieve his goals.

26. Towelie

Sentient towel: Towelie is a genetically engineered towel that gained sentience and is known for his love of getting high.

Towel-related abilities: He has the ability to absorb water and get other characters dry, and he possesses extensive knowledge about drugs and drug paraphernalia.

Catchphrase: Towelie is known for his catchphrase, “Don’t forget to bring a towel!” which he often reminds others of throughout the series.

25. Big Gay Al

LGBTQ+ activist: Big Gay Al is a proud and openly gay resident of South Park who often serves as an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and visibility.

Musical talent: He is the director of the “Big Gay Al’s Big Gay Animal Sanctuary” and has a passion for music, as seen in his musical number “I’m Super Thanks for Asking.”

Positive and supportive: Big Gay Al is known for his cheerful and positive personality, offering support and acceptance to others in the face of prejudice.

24. Terrance and Phillip

Canadian comedians: Terrance and Phillip are a duo of Canadian comedians known for their crude and vulgar humor.

Flatulence jokes: They often incorporate fart jokes into their comedy routines, which become a running gag throughout the series.

Controversial impact: The characters have faced controversy within the South Park universe, as their humor is seen as highly offensive but also highly popular among the characters.

23. Herbert Garrison Sr.

Father of Mr. Garrison: Herbert Garrison Sr. is the father of Mr. Garrison, one of the primary adult characters in South Park.

Background character: While not prominently featured, his appearances and interactions with his son reveal elements of their dysfunctional relationship and Mr. Garrison’s troubled past.

Limited screen time: Herbert Garrison Sr. has limited screen time and primarily serves as a minor character in the series.

22. Scott Malkinson

Diabetic character: Scott Malkinson is a student at South Park Elementary who has diabetes, which is often a source of humor and storylines involving his condition.

Social awkwardness: Scott is portrayed as socially awkward and shy, often struggling to interact with others and express himself.

Romantic interests: He develops a crush on various girls throughout the series, including Bebe Stevens and Sophie Gray, which leads to comedic situations.

21. PC Principal

Politically correct enforcer: PC Principal is the politically correct and overly zealous principal at South Park Elementary who enforces a strict code of conduct related to political correctness and social justice.

Intense and aggressive: He has a tendency to overreact and respond aggressively to situations he deems offensive or politically incorrect.

Growth and development: Over time, PC Principal’s character evolves, and he becomes more nuanced, grappling with his own flaws and biases.

20. Liane Cartman

Eric Cartman’s mother: Liane Cartman is the mother of Eric Cartman, one of the main characters in South Park.

Overprotective and doting: Liane is portrayed as an overprotective and doting mother, often spoiling and indulging Eric’s behavior.

Sexual promiscuity: Liane is known for her sexual promiscuity and is often seen engaging in various sexual encounters, which becomes a running gag in the series.

19. Sheila Broflovski

Kyle Broflovski’s mother: Sheila Broflovski is the mother of Kyle Broflovski, one of the main characters in South Park.

Strong-willed and outspoken: Sheila is depicted as a strong-willed and opinionated character, often engaging in social activism and standing up for causes she believes in.

Protective and caring: Despite her occasional overbearing nature, Sheila deeply cares for her family and is shown to be a loving mother to Kyle.

18. Sharon Marsh

Stan Marsh’s mother: Sharon Marsh is the mother of Stan Marsh, one of the main characters in South Park.

Level-headed and caring: Sharon is often portrayed as a rational and caring individual, providing emotional support to her family and friends.

Occasionally overwhelmed: Despite her efforts to maintain composure, Sharon can become overwhelmed by the absurdity and chaos that often surrounds the town of South Park.

17. Ike Broflovski

Adopted younger brother: Ike Broflovski is the adopted younger brother of Kyle Broflovski, one of the main characters in South Park.

Childlike innocence: Ike is portrayed as a young child with a curious and innocent nature, often providing comedic relief.

Advanced intelligence: Despite his age, Ike is shown to possess advanced intelligence and occasionally engages in mature conversations that surpass his years.

16. Bebe Stevens

Female classmate: Bebe Stevens is a female classmate of the main characters at South Park Elementary.

Empathetic and perceptive: Bebe is often portrayed as being empathetic and understanding towards others’ emotions and conflicts.

Strong-willed and assertive: While often friendly and sweet, Bebe can also be assertive and confident, standing up for herself and others.

15. Wendy Testaburger

Stan’s love interest: Wendy Testaburger is Stan Marsh’s love interest and one of the prominent female characters in South Park.

Intelligent and outspoken: Wendy is depicted as an intelligent and outspoken character, often using her strong voice to express her opinions and challenge societal norms.

Social justice advocate: She is known for her activism and involvement in various causes, fighting for equality and justice.

14. Clyde Donovan

Student at South Park Elementary: Clyde Donovan is one of the students at South Park Elementary and is often seen as part of the main group of friends.

Average student with quirks: Clyde is depicted as an average student, but he has certain quirks and insecurities that are highlighted in various episodes.

Often involved in comedic situations: Clyde’s character is often involved in comedic situations, whether it’s his reactions to bizarre events or his interactions with other characters.

13. Token Black

African-American classmate: Token Black is an African-American student at South Park Elementary and is known for being one of the few minority characters in the town.

Wealthy background: Token comes from a wealthy family, which often leads to storylines exploring the dynamics of race, privilege, and stereotypes.

Balanced and level-headed: Token is typically portrayed as a calm and rational character who serves as a voice of reason among his friends.

12. Jimmy Valmer

Student with a disability: Jimmy Valmer is a student at South Park Elementary who has a physical disability, which affects his speech and mobility.

Aspiring comedian: Jimmy aspires to be a stand-up comedian and often performs comedy routines, despite his speech impediment adding a unique comedic element.

Friendly and supportive: Jimmy is generally friendly and supportive of his friends, often encouraging their endeavors and providing comedic relief.

11. Timmy Burch

Student with a disability: Timmy Burch is a student at South Park Elementary who has a physical disability and primarily communicates by saying his own name.

Popular among classmates: Timmy is depicted as being well-liked by his classmates, who often cheer for him and appreciate his unique personality.

Talented musician: Timmy is known for his musical abilities, particularly playing the drums in the school’s band and showcasing his talent in various episodes.

10. Craig Tucker

Student at South Park Elementary: Craig Tucker is one of the students at South Park Elementary and is often seen as part of the main group of friends.

Emotionally detached: Craig is known for his deadpan and apathetic demeanor, often maintaining a cool and detached attitude in various situations.

Frequently engages in sarcasm: Craig’s character often delivers sarcastic remarks and dry humor, adding a comedic element to his interactions with others.

9. Tweek Tweak

Student at South Park Elementary: Tweek Tweak is another student at South Park Elementary and is often seen as part of the main group of friends.

Highly anxious and jittery: Tweek is depicted as extremely jittery and nervous, constantly on edge and experiencing anxiety.

Coffee addiction: He has a pronounced coffee addiction, often exaggerating the effects of caffeine in humorous and exaggerated ways.

8. Mr. Garrison

Former school teacher: Mr. Garrison is a former teacher at South Park Elementary who undergoes various transformations and career changes throughout the series.

Complex and evolving character: Mr. Garrison’s character goes through significant transformations and shifts in personality, reflecting social and political commentary.

Often involved in controversial storylines: Mr. Garrison’s character is known for being involved in controversial and satirical storylines that touch on political and social issues.

7. Chef (Jerome McElroy)

Former school cafeteria worker: Chef, whose full name is Jerome McElroy, was the former cafeteria worker at South Park Elementary.

Soulful singer: Chef is known for his soulful singing voice and often breaks into songs with catchy and humorous lyrics.

Voice of reason: Chef often serves as a voice of reason and provides guidance to the children, offering them advice and wisdom.

6. Randy Marsh

Stan’s father: Randy Marsh is the father of Stan Marsh and is one of the prominent adult characters in South Park.

Eccentric and unpredictable: Randy is known for his eccentric and unpredictable behavior, often getting involved in outlandish situations and making questionable decisions.

Wide range of occupations: Randy has held various occupations throughout the series, including geologist, farmer, and even becoming a famous musician at one point.

5. Butters Stotch

Innocent and naïve: Butters Stotch is depicted as an innocent and naïve character, often getting caught up in misadventures due to his gullible nature.

Well-meaning and kind-hearted: Butters is generally a kind-hearted character, always trying to do the right thing and please others.

Alter ego: Butters occasionally adopts the alter ego of Professor Chaos, where he tries to be a supervillain but often ends up being more comical than threatening.

4. Kenny McCormick

Muffled speech and frequent deaths: Kenny McCormick is one of the main characters, known for his muffled speech due to his hood covering his face, and his frequent deaths in various episodes.

Resilience and endurance: Despite dying in most episodes, Kenny consistently returns to life in the next episode without any explanation, showcasing his resilience and endurance.

Blue-collar background: Kenny comes from a blue-collar background and is often depicted as coming from a lower-income family.

3. Kyle Broflovski

Stan’s best friend: Kyle Broflovski is one of the main characters and is best friends with Stan Marsh.

Strong moral compass: Kyle is known for his strong moral compass and often acts as the voice of reason and conscience among his friends.

Jewish heritage: Kyle is of Jewish descent and his faith and cultural background are occasionally explored in the series.

2. Stan Marsh

Main protagonist: Stan Marsh is one of the main characters and serves as the central protagonist in South Park.

Moral center: Stan is often portrayed as the character who questions the absurdities and hypocrisies of society, providing a moral center for the show.

Often experiences growing pains: Stan goes through various challenges and growing pains as he navigates the ups and downs of childhood and adolescence.

1. Eric Cartman

Antagonistic and self-centered: Eric Cartman is one of the main characters but often acts as an antagonist due to his self-centered and manipulative nature.

Outlandish and offensive behavior: Cartman is known for his outrageous and offensive behavior, often pushing the boundaries of acceptable behavior in the show.

Manipulative and cunning: Cartman is incredibly manipulative and frequently uses his cunning to get what he wants, often at the expense of others.

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