Top 10 Strongest How to Train Your Dragon Characters, Ranked

List of Strongest How to Train Your Dragon Characters:

10. Bewilderbeast

Ice Breath: The Bewilderbeast has the ability to breathe extremely powerful and freezing blasts of ice. This ice breath can immobilize and encase opponents in ice, making it a formidable offensive weapon.

Size and Strength: The Bewilderbeast is one of the largest dragons in the franchise, and its sheer size alone makes it intimidating and difficult to defeat in physical combat.

Alpha Dragon: The Bewilderbeast is the Alpha Dragon, which means it possesses the ability to control and command other dragons. This gives it tremendous influence and power over the dragon population.

Resilience: The Bewilderbeast is shown to be highly resilient and capable of enduring substantial damage in battles, making it a challenging adversary.

Regenerative Abilities: In addition to its immense power, the Bewilderbeast has regenerative abilities, allowing it to recover from injuries and maintain its strength in prolonged battles.

9. Red Death

Fire Breath: The Red Death possesses an incredibly destructive fire breath that can engulf its enemies in flames. This fire breath is one of the most devastating offensive abilities among dragons.

Enormous Size: The Red Death is enormous and one of the largest dragons in the franchise, dwarfing other dragons and posing a significant physical threat.

Tough Scales: Its scales are exceptionally tough and provide a level of protection against attacks. This makes it difficult to harm, even in direct combat.

Predatory Nature: The Red Death is a ruthless predator, and its instincts for hunting and capturing prey make it a dangerous and cunning adversary.

Leadership: The Red Death is the leader of the dragon nest on Dragon Island, making it the dominant figure among dragons in its territory.

8. Grimmel the Grisly

Dragon Hunter: Grimmel is a skilled and ruthless dragon hunter, known for his ability to capture and control dragons using a combination of cunning tactics and advanced weaponry.

Intelligence: Grimmel is highly intelligent and a master strategist. He can outwit dragon riders and manipulate situations to his advantage.

Advanced Technology: Grimmel employs advanced technology and traps to capture and control dragons. His arsenal includes dragon cages, tranquilizer darts, and a fleet of warships.

Resourcefulness: He is resourceful and adapts to different situations. His ability to stay one step ahead of his adversaries makes him a formidable antagonist.

Manipulative: Grimmel is skilled in psychological manipulation and can use his knowledge of dragon behavior to exploit their weaknesses and control them.

7. Thornado (Stoick’s Thunderdrum)

Sonic Roar: Thornado, as a Thunderdrum, possesses a powerful sonic roar that can disorient and incapacitate opponents. This sonic attack is a formidable offensive ability.

Loyalty: Thornado is fiercely loyal to Stoick the Vast, his dragon rider. This loyalty makes him a powerful companion and protector for Stoick.

Strength and Size: Thunderdrums are known for their physical strength and size. Thornado’s large and imposing presence makes him a physically formidable dragon.

Defensive Abilities: Thunderdrums also have durable scales and are well-suited for combat, with the ability to hold their own in battles against other dragons.

Resilience: Thornado’s resilience and ability to endure damage in combat contribute to his strength as a dragon.

6. Cloudjumper (Valka’s Dragon)

Alpha Species: Cloudjumper belongs to the rare and powerful species of dragons known as the Stormcutter. Stormcutters are among the most formidable dragon species, known for their strength and abilities.

Flight and Speed: Cloudjumper’s species is renowned for their exceptional flight capabilities, agility, and speed. These traits make him an exceptional aerial combatant.

Loyal Companion: Cloudjumper is fiercely loyal to Valka, serving as her protector and companion. His bond with Valka enhances their synergy in combat and adds emotional depth to his character.

Multi-functional Tails: Stormcutters like Cloudjumper possess two retractable tails that can serve various functions, such as grappling and manipulating objects. This feature makes him versatile in battle.

Intelligence: Cloudjumper, like many dragons in the franchise, exhibits a level of intelligence that allows him to communicate with other characters and understand complex situations.

5. Drago Bludvist

Tyrannical Leader: Drago Bludvist is portrayed as a tyrannical and ruthless leader who seeks to dominate dragons and establish control over them through force and intimidation.

Armored Appearance: Drago’s appearance is intimidating, with his imposing size, armor, and menacing presence. His physicality adds to his strength as a character.

Control Over Dragons: Drago possesses a device known as the “Dragon-controlling staff,” which allows him to exert control over dragons and command them to do his bidding. This device makes him a formidable threat.

Strategic Mind: Drago is a strategic thinker and tactician. He plans his actions carefully, manipulating situations and using his dragon-controlling abilities to gain an advantage.

Persistence: Drago is relentless in his pursuit of power and dominance over dragons. He is willing to go to great lengths to achieve his goals, even if it means using force and coercion.

4. Valka

Dragon Expertise: Valka is an expert on dragons, having spent many years living among them. Her deep understanding of dragon behavior and abilities makes her a formidable dragon rider and trainer.

Dragon Sanctuary: Valka has established a hidden dragon sanctuary known as the “Dragon Sanctuary” on the island of Berk. This sanctuary is a safe haven for dragons, and her ability to create and manage it demonstrates her strength as a protector of these creatures.

Aerial Combat: Valka is a skilled dragon rider and excels in aerial combat. Her Stormcutter dragon, Cloudjumper, is a powerful ally in battle, and their partnership is formidable.

Courage and Determination: Valka’s courage and determination to protect dragons from harm make her a strong character. She is willing to risk her life to defend these creatures.

Motherly Love: Her love and concern for Hiccup, her son, and her reunion with him add emotional depth to her character, showcasing her strong maternal instincts.

3. Stoick the Vast

Leadership: Stoick is the Chief of the Viking village of Berk and is respected by his people as a strong and wise leader. His leadership skills are evident in his ability to guide and protect his community.

Physical Strength: Stoick is a formidable warrior with exceptional physical strength. He is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant and proficient with various weapons.

Protective Father: His protective nature as a father is a significant aspect of his character. He cares deeply for Hiccup and is willing to make sacrifices to ensure his safety and well-being.

Dragon Understanding: While initially skeptical of dragons, Stoick undergoes character development and learns to understand and appreciate them, ultimately becoming a strong advocate for peace between Vikings and dragons.

Sacrifice: Stoick’s ultimate sacrifice in “How to Train Your Dragon 2” is a powerful testament to his love for Hiccup and his dedication to the well-being of their village.

2. Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III

Ingenuity and Inventiveness: Hiccup is known for his remarkable inventiveness and engineering skills. He creates various gadgets and devices to interact with dragons, including his famous invention, the Dragon Bolas.

Diplomacy and Peacemaking: Hiccup’s strong desire for understanding and peace between humans and dragons sets him apart. He is a diplomatic and empathetic character who seeks to bridge the gap between the two species.

Strategic Thinking: Hiccup possesses strategic thinking and problem-solving abilities. He is often the one to come up with plans and solutions to challenges faced by the Viking community.

Leadership Qualities: Throughout the series, Hiccup demonstrates his growth as a leader, earning the respect and trust of his fellow Vikings. He becomes the Chief of Berk and leads the village with wisdom and compassion.

Bond with Toothless: Hiccup’s deep bond with Toothless, his Night Fury dragon, is at the heart of the series. Their connection is a source of strength for both of them, and their friendship plays a central role in the story.

1. Toothless

Night Fury Abilities: Toothless is a rare and powerful Night Fury dragon, known for his speed, agility, and fire-breathing abilities. Night Furies are one of the most formidable dragon species in the franchise.

Intelligence: Toothless is highly intelligent and exhibits problem-solving skills. His ability to communicate non-verbally with Hiccup demonstrates his intelligence and understanding.

Loyalty: Toothless is fiercely loyal to Hiccup and their friendship forms the emotional core of the series. His unwavering devotion to Hiccup makes him a strong character.

Adaptability: Toothless is adaptable and quick to learn. He can adjust to new situations and challenges, which helps him and Hiccup overcome obstacles.

Leadership Among Dragons: Toothless becomes a leader among dragons, demonstrating his charisma and ability to inspire other dragons to follow him.

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