Top 10 Strongest Raya and the Last Dragon Characters, Ranked

List of Strongest Raya and the Last Dragon Characters:

10. Virana

Virana is a powerful and determined character in the film. Her strength lies in her leadership and strategic abilities:

Leadership: Virana serves as the leader of the Fang tribe. She is skilled at managing her tribe and making strategic decisions to protect her people’s interests.

Intelligence: Virana is a clever and calculating character, capable of devising plans to achieve her goals. Her intelligence adds to her strength in both diplomacy and conflict.

Combat Skills: While not primarily a warrior, Virana is proficient in combat and can hold her own in battles when necessary. Her combat skills make her a formidable opponent.

9. Boun

Boun is a young and resourceful character known for his street-smart and survival skills. His strength lies in his adaptability and creativity:

Resourcefulness: Boun is resourceful in finding food and supplies in the challenging environment he lives in. His ability to adapt to different situations makes him a survivor.

Bravery: Despite his young age, Boun demonstrates bravery by standing up to various threats and challenges. He doesn’t back down easily and is willing to take risks to help his friends.

Inventiveness: Boun is also inventive and creative, often coming up with unique solutions to problems. His creativity and quick thinking contribute to his strength as a character.

8. Noi

Noi: Noi is a young and adorable character known for her unique strength and resourcefulness:

Size and Agility: Noi is small in stature but possesses incredible agility and dexterity. She can navigate through tight spaces and move swiftly when needed.

Creativity: Noi is inventive and uses her creativity to solve problems. She often comes up with clever ways to assist her companions.

Tenacity: Noi is determined and never gives up easily. Her determination and enthusiasm make her a valuable member of Raya’s team.

7. Dang Hu

Dang Hu is a warrior from the Talon tribe and demonstrates his strength through combat and loyalty:

Combat Skills: Dang Hu is a skilled warrior who can hold his own in battles. He uses his combat abilities to protect his tribe and allies.

Loyalty: Dang Hu is fiercely loyal to his tribe and their traditions. His loyalty drives him to defend his people and their way of life.

Strength: While not the most powerful character in the film, Dang Hu possesses physical strength and resilience, which are assets in the harsh world of Kumandra.

6. Tong

Tong is a formidable warrior with a strong and imposing presence. His strength is evident in the following ways:

Physical Power: Tong is incredibly strong and has a robust physique, making him a powerhouse in combat.

Combat Skills: He is a skilled fighter, proficient in various combat techniques and weapons, which he uses to protect his allies.

Loyalty: Tong is fiercely loyal to Raya and her quest to save Kumandra. His dedication to the mission and his friends showcases his strength of character.

5. Chief Benja

Chief Benja is a wise and noble leader who displays strength through his leadership and principles:

Leadership: Chief Benja is the leader of the Heart tribe and is respected by his people for his wisdom and fair rule. His leadership skills are a source of strength for his tribe.

Trust in Others: He believes in the inherent goodness of people and is willing to trust others, even in times of uncertainty, which can be a rare and admirable strength.

Endurance: Chief Benja’s enduring hope for a united Kumandra and his commitment to finding a peaceful solution to the conflicts in the land are testaments to his inner strength.

4. Tuk Tuk

Tuk Tuk is Raya’s loyal and trusty steed and companion. His strengths are as follows:

Size and Durability: Tuk Tuk is a massive and resilient creature with a strong shell. He serves as both a mode of transportation and a protector, thanks to his durability.

Loyalty: Tuk Tuk is fiercely loyal to Raya and her mission. He accompanies her on her journey and provides emotional support and friendship.

Adaptability: Tuk Tuk can adapt to different terrains, making him a valuable asset in the challenging environments of Kumandra. His ability to traverse various landscapes aids Raya in her quest.

3. Namaari

Namaari is a skilled warrior from the Fang tribe and plays a complex role in the story. Her strengths include:

Martial Arts: Namaari is a highly skilled martial artist, proficient in various combat techniques. Her agility and precision in battle make her a formidable adversary.

Leadership: As the daughter of the Fang tribe’s leader, Namaari is a leader in her own right. Her leadership qualities are evident in her tribe’s loyalty to her.

Resourcefulness: Namaari is resourceful and adaptive, willing to make difficult decisions to protect her tribe and her people’s interests.

2. Sisu

Sisu is the last dragon and possesses unique magical abilities. Her strengths include:

Transformation: Sisu has the power to transform into various forms, each with its unique abilities, such as a human-like appearance and elemental control.

Water Manipulation: As a water dragon, Sisu can manipulate water and has the ability to create and control bodies of water, making her a powerful ally in combat and other situations.

Healing: Sisu has the ability to heal and mend wounds, demonstrating her compassion and caring nature.

Wisdom and Optimism: Sisu’s wisdom and unwavering optimism are strengths that inspire others and provide hope in challenging situations. She believes in the goodness of people and the possibility of unity.

1. Raya

Raya is the film’s protagonist and showcases various strengths throughout her journey:

Martial Arts Skill: Raya is a skilled martial artist, proficient in combat techniques, making her a formidable fighter.

Determination: Raya is determined to find the last dragon and restore her fractured world. Her unwavering determination drives her through numerous obstacles and challenges.

Leadership: As the daughter of Chief Benja, Raya demonstrates leadership qualities and takes on the responsibility of uniting Kumandra.

Resourcefulness: Raya is resourceful and quick-thinking, often finding creative solutions to problems.

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