Top 10 Strongest Ratatouille Characters, Ranked

List of Strongest Ratatouille Characters:

10. Git

Strength: Git is a minor character in the film and doesn’t have a significant strength or role in the main part of the story.

Main Contribution: Git’s contribution to the main part of the story is limited, and he doesn’t play a substantial role in the central plot.

9. Horst

Strength: Horst’s strength lies in his culinary expertise and his ability to work as part of a team in the kitchen.

Main Contribution: In the main part of the story, Horst contributes to the kitchen operations at Gusteau’s restaurant, assisting Remy and Linguini in their culinary endeavors. His culinary skills and teamwork are valuable to their success.

8. Emile

Strength: Emile’s primary strength is his loyalty and emotional support for Remy, his younger brother. He provides emotional depth to the story and acts as a source of companionship and encouragement for Remy.

Main Contribution: Emile’s main contribution is his unwavering support of Remy’s culinary talents and his role as a trusted confidant.

7. Skinner

Strength: Skinner is the main antagonist of the film and the head chef at Gusteau’s restaurant. His strength lies in his authority and control over the restaurant’s operations.

Main Contribution: Skinner’s main contribution to the story is as the primary source of conflict. He initially opposes Linguini’s involvement in the kitchen and tries to maintain the restaurant’s reputation. As the film progresses, he becomes increasingly suspicious of Linguini’s culinary success and tries to uncover the truth behind it.

6. Gusteau

Strength: Gusteau is a renowned and influential chef, the founder of Gusteau’s restaurant, and a prominent figure in the culinary world. His strength lies in his culinary vision and inspirational philosophy.

Main Contribution: Although Gusteau is deceased at the beginning of the film, his spirit and philosophy continue to guide the story. His famous motto, “Anyone can cook,” serves as a central theme. Remy, Linguini, and Colette are inspired by his teachings, and his character has a profound impact on the film’s overall message.

5. Anton Ego

Strength: Anton Ego is the film’s primary food critic and renowned for his discerning and critical palate. His strength lies in his influence and reputation as a critic.

Main Contribution: Anton Ego’s main contribution to the story is his role as a central character who sets the standard for culinary excellence. He initially serves as an antagonist but undergoes significant character development. His transformation and the review he writes at the end of the film have a profound impact on the restaurant and its reputation.

4. Django

Strength: Django is Remy’s father and exhibits wisdom, experience, and strong leadership skills. He is the leader of the rat colony and is skilled in navigating the human world.

Main Contribution: Django’s main contribution to the story is his guidance and support for Remy’s dreams. He helps Remy understand the balance between their rat nature and their culinary passions. Django’s character represents the theme of following one’s dreams despite challenges and societal norms.

3. Colette

Strength: Colette is a skilled and talented chef with a strong, no-nonsense personality. Her strength lies in her culinary expertise and leadership in the kitchen.

Main Contribution: Colette’s main contribution to the story is her role as a mentor and love interest for Linguini. She helps train Linguini in the art of cooking, and her character adds depth to the kitchen dynamics at Gusteau’s restaurant.

2. Linguini

Strength: Linguini’s strength is his determination and willingness to learn. He starts as a kitchen garbage boy but later discovers his talent for cooking.

Main Contribution: Linguini’s main contribution to the story is his transformation from an inexperienced kitchen worker to a talented chef, with the help of Remy’s culinary skills. He becomes a central character in the film, and his journey drives the plot.

1. Remy

Strength: Remy is a highly skilled and passionate chef, despite being a rat. His strength lies in his exceptional sense of taste and smell.

Main Contribution: Remy is the heart of the story and the driving force behind the film’s plot. His culinary talents and dreams of becoming a chef are central to the narrative. He forms a unique partnership with Linguini, and together, they create delicious dishes that captivate both the restaurant’s patrons and the audience.

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