Spongebob Family Tree That Every Fan Must Know

Here We Will Show You Spongebob Family Tree:

Here We Will Show You Spongebob Family Tree, SpongeBob SquarePants, the lovable and optimistic sponge who lives in a pineapple under the sea, has won the hearts of audiences with his infectious laughter and endearing personality.

While SpongeBob is the star of the show, he is not alone in his underwater adventures. In this article, we will delve into the depths of the SpongeBob Family Tree and introduce you to some of the key members of SpongeBob’s extended family.

Parents: Harold and Margaret SquarePants: At the foundation of SpongeBob’s family tree are his caring parents, Harold and Margaret SquarePants.

Though they make occasional appearances, their loving and supportive nature is evident in SpongeBob’s optimistic outlook on life. Their unwavering encouragement has shaped SpongeBob into the cheerful and enthusiastic character fans know and love.

primitive sponge

Long ago, before there were talking and writing, a primitive sponge lived in the Bikini Bottom-Verse. This sponge is sometimes confused with SpongeGar, his descendant who was born in a later time and sent back to the prehistoric era.

SpongeGar stayed there for the rest of his life, which was thousands of years after the time of the Primitive Sponge.


SpongeGar, an ancestor of SpongeBob SquarePants from long ago, made his debut in the episode “Ugh.”

Spongebob Family Tree

Grandpa SquarePants

Grandpa SquarePants, the father of Harold, Sherm, and Blue SquarePants, is also the beloved grandfather of SpongeBob SquarePants, Todd, BlackJack, and Stanley.

He is married to Grandma SquarePants and is the father-in-law of Margaret SquarePants (formerly known as Margaret BubbleBottom). Grandpa SquarePants was born to Mr. and Mrs. SquarePants.

Together with Grandma SquarePants, they had three children named Harold, Sherm, and Blue.

He once shared some wise words like “Don’t run for a bus, especially one that’s going up at a 90-degree angle,” which SpongeBob learned the truth of when he attempted to catch such a bus.

He also said, “If we were meant to fly, we’d have propellers on our heads or jet engines on our backs,” a statement that stuck with SpongeBob when he dreamed of flying.

As Grandpa SquarePants grew older, he used a cane and later transitioned to a walker, embracing the changes that come with aging.

Harold SquarePants

Harold SquarePants is SpongeBob’s dad and Margaret’s husband. Unlike their square-shaped son, Harold and his wife have a round design like typical sea sponges. The reason for this difference in appearance has not been explained.

Harold is one of the children of Grandma and Grandpa SquarePants, along with his siblings Captain Blue SquarePants and Sherm SquarePants.

When Harold became an adult, he married Margaret BubbleBottom, and they have one known child, SpongeBob SquarePants.

In the episode “BlackJack,” SpongeBob mentions that Margaret enjoys spending quality time with Harold in the office, suggesting that he may have or had an office job.

Currently, Harold and Margaret live together as SpongeBob has moved out.

Spongebob Family Tree

Sherm SquarePants

Sherm SquarePants is SpongeBob’s uncle, as well as the uncle of Todd and BlackJack. He is the son of Grandpa and Grandma SquarePants and the brother of Harold and Blue SquarePants. Sherm is also the father of Stanley S. SquarePants.

Like his siblings, Sherm was born to Grandma and Grandpa SquarePants, who had at least five or six children. His known brothers are Blue SquarePants and Harold SquarePants.

Once he grew up, Sherm got married, but the identity of his wife is unknown. Together, they had a son named Stanley S. SquarePants.


In the SpongeBob SquarePants episode “BlackJack” from season 5, SpongeBob believes that his cousin BlackJack has taken his parents. BlackJack is older and stronger than SpongeBob, and he used to be a bully towards him.

SpongeBob was afraid of BlackJack because he would tease and intimidate him. BlackJack often refers to SpongeBob as a “little man,” not only because SpongeBob is younger but also because SpongeBob used to avoid standing up to him, making him seem cowardly.

SpongeBob’s grandson

In the SpongeBob SquarePants episode “The Great Patty Caper,” SpongeBob’s grandson appears as a character set 75 years in the future. Although the episode doesn’t explicitly state their relationship, it is confirmed in the credits that they are grandfather and grandson.

In the episode, SpongeBob’s grandson shows little interest in hearing about SpongeBob’s past adventures, which he ignores. However, SpongeBob remains unfazed by this and finds his grandson’s behavior amusing.


SpongeTron is a robot version of SpongeBob SquarePants from the 41st century. He appears in the episodes “SB-129” and “Ugh,” as well as the video game SpongeBob SquarePants Through the Wormhole.

When Squidward travels to the future, he encounters SpongeTron and other robot versions of SpongeBob and Patrick in the kitchen of the Krusty Krab. There are 487 SpongeTrons in total, including the main SpongeTron and one for each letter of the alphabet.

They all share a love for jellyfishing, just like the original SpongeBob. SpongeTron’s close friend is PatTron, a two-headed descendant of Patrick Star.

Spongebob Family Tree

486SpongeTron Clones

In the episode, Squidward finds himself in the future and encounters SpongeTron and his 486 clones who all look like SpongeBob. Initially skeptical, Squidward realizes he is truly in the future when he sees the futuristic surroundings. SpongeTron confirms this by mentioning his clones With Different name.

When Squidward asks if there are more SpongeTrons for each letter of the alphabet, SpongeTron reveals that there are over 486 letters in the alphabet, which causes Squidward to become overwhelmed.

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