Top 30 Black Anime Characters Ranked

List of Top 30 Black Anime Characters

30. Agil (Sword Art Online)

Agil (Sword Art Online)

Real Name: Agil’s real name is Andrew Gilbert Mills. He is known by his gaming nickname “Agil” in the virtual world of Sword Art Online. Agil is one of the main characters and an important supporting figure in the series.

Friendly and Helpful: Agil is depicted as a friendly and helpful character who operates a shop called “Agil’s Shop” within the game. He provides valuable information and sells various items to help other players progress in the game.

Skilled Player: Agil is an experienced and skilled player in Sword Art Online. He is known for his proficiency in melee combat and is often seen wielding a large two-handed axe. Agil’s combat skills and knowledge make him a reliable ally during battles.

Resourceful and Knowledgeable: Agil is resourceful and knowledgeable about the game’s mechanics and world. He acts as a mentor to other players, offering advice and guidance on how to survive and overcome challenges within the virtual reality of Sword Art Online.

29. Kaname Tousen (Bleach)

Kaname Tousen (Bleach)

Captain of the 9th Division: Kaname Tousen serves as the captain of the 9th Division in the Gotei 13, the organization of soul reapers in the Bleach universe. As a captain, he is responsible for leading and commanding his division in protecting the Soul Society.

Blindness: Tousen is blind, but he compensates for his lack of sight with his other heightened senses. He relies on his hearing and perception of spiritual energy to navigate and engage in combat effectively.

Aizen’s Ally: Tousen becomes a key ally of Sōsuke Aizen, one of the central antagonists in the Bleach series. He shares Aizen’s vision of creating a world without hypocrisy and joins him in his plan to overthrow the Soul Society.

Zanpakuto: Tousen’s Zanpakuto is named “Suzumushi,” which translates to “Bell Cricket.” It takes the form of a katana with a unique ability called “Resonance.” Suzumushi’s ability allows Tousen to create a high-pitched sound that disorients and immobilizes his opponents.

28. Blade (Marvel Anime: Blade)

Blade (Marvel Anime: Blade)

Vampire Hunter: Blade is a skilled vampire hunter who possesses superhuman abilities. He has dedicated his life to eradicating vampires, seeking revenge for his mother’s death at the hands of a vampire while she was pregnant with him. Blade’s extensive knowledge of vampire lore and his combat skills make him a formidable opponent.

Half-Vampire Hybrid: Blade is a Dhampir, a half-vampire, half-human hybrid. He has inherited the strengths of vampires, such as enhanced strength, speed, and agility, while being able to resist many of their weaknesses, including sunlight and the need for blood. Blade uses his unique nature to his advantage in his quest to eliminate vampires.

Swordsmanship and Martial Arts: Blade is a master swordsman and skilled in various forms of martial arts. He wields a specially designed sword called the “Daywalker Sword,” which is capable of neutralizing vampires upon contact. Blade’s combat expertise and lethal techniques make him a formidable adversary in battle.

Tragic Past and Personal Motivation: Blade’s personal motivation stems from the tragic circumstances of his birth and his mother’s death. His relentless pursuit of vampires is driven by a desire for revenge and justice. Blade’s determination and unwavering focus on his mission make him a compelling and complex character in the Marvel Anime: Blade series.

27. Jax Briggs (Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm)

Jax Briggs (Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm)

Special Forces Agent: Jax Briggs is a skilled military officer and a member of the Special Forces. He often serves as the team’s leader and is known for his tactical prowess and combat abilities.

Bionic Arms: Jax is renowned for his cybernetic arms, which enhance his strength and combat capabilities. His bionic arms allow him to deliver devastating punches, grapples, and ground pounds, making him a formidable opponent in hand-to-hand combat.

Close-Quarters Combat: Jax is a proficient practitioner of close-quarters combat. He utilizes a combination of powerful punches, wrestling techniques, and signature moves like his ground pound and energy wave attacks to overpower his enemies.

Sense of Justice: Jax is characterized by his strong sense of justice and unwavering determination to protect Earthrealm from the forces of evil. He is driven by his desire to ensure the safety and well-being of innocent people, making him a valiant and heroic figure in the Mortal Kombat universe.

26. Bartholomew Kuma (One Piece)

Bartholomew Kuma (One Piece)

Former Revolutionary and Warlord: Bartholomew Kuma was initially introduced as one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, a group of powerful pirates aligned with the World Government. However, it is later revealed that he was once a member of the Revolutionary Army, a group that opposes the World Government.

Nikyu Nikyu no Mi: Kuma possesses the powers of the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows him to repel anything he touches with his hands. This ability grants him incredible strength and makes him a formidable adversary in combat.

Pacifista Prototype: Kuma was subjected to a process by the World Government that transformed him into a Pacifista prototype, a powerful cyborg weapon. This modification further enhances his already impressive combat skills and grants him laser beam attacks.

Self-Sacrificing Nature: Kuma is known for his self-sacrificing nature. He willingly uses his powers to protect his comrades and even volunteered to become a slave to the World Government in exchange for sparing the lives of the Straw Hat Pirates. This selflessness showcases his dedication to his beliefs and his willingness to put others before himself.

25. Nils Yajima

Nils Yajima

Nils Yajima is a Gundam Builder and Operator who initially participates in Gunpla Battle solely for the purpose of studying Plavsky Particles.

He approaches Gunpla Battles strategically, relying on his advanced knowledge, natural skill, and martial arts abilities to make tactical decisions.

Nils represents America as a Gunpla Fighter, showcasing his dedication to the sport on an international level.

His Gunpla of choice is the Sengoku Astray Gundam, which he has meticulously crafted and tuned to enhance its performance in battle.

Nils comes from a unique background, with a famous detective father and a mother who excels in martial arts, likely contributing to his well-rounded skills and abilities.

24. S.A.M


S.A.M. is a friendly robot programmed to prioritize friendship, making her genuinely kind and sweet to everyone she encounters.

Despite her gentle nature, S.A.M. possesses the ability to stand up for herself and her friends, showcasing her strength and resilience when needed.

In moments of danger or when her friends are threatened, S.A.M. can unleash her built-in weaponry or transform into a powerful legendary golem to defend them.

Throughout the series, S.A.M. experiences personal growth as she develops her own opinions and beliefs, moving beyond her initial programming and becoming a more independent and self-aware character.

23. Ogun Montgomery

Ogun Montgomery

Ogun Montgomery is characterized by his dark skin, black hair with shaved sides, and cornrows on the top. He also possesses distinct orange eyes with light swirls in the iris and wears the Special Fire Force orange jumpsuit with rolled-up sleeves.

He is deeply committed to protecting the residents of Tokyo, driven by his family’s history and their connection to the hero who saved immigrants from the Great Cataclysm by bringing them to the Tokyo Empire.

Ogun draws inspiration from his ancestor, known as The Immigrant Hero, who served as a ship captain and transported people to safety during the cataclysmic event. These stories motivate him to become a Fire Soldier and follow in his ancestor’s footsteps.

Ogun’s dedication to safeguarding others reflects his strong sense of duty and reflects his desire to continue his family’s legacy of protecting and supporting those in need.

22. Aisha Clanclan (Outlaw Star)

Aisha Clanclan (Outlaw Star)

Ctarl-Ctarl Warrior: Aisha Clanclan is a member of the Ctarl-Ctarl, a proud and powerful feline-like alien race known for their exceptional physical abilities. As a Ctarl-Ctarl warrior, Aisha possesses enhanced strength, speed, and agility.

Hot-Tempered and Proud: Aisha is known for her fiery personality and hot temper. She takes great pride in her Ctarl-Ctarl heritage and often displays a fierce determination to prove her worth and demonstrate her superiority in combat.

Transformation Ability: Aisha has the unique ability to transform into a massive, tiger-like creature known as her “Beast Form.” In this form, she gains even greater strength and becomes a formidable force on the battlefield.

Loyalty and Friendship: Although initially a rival to the main protagonist, Gene Starwind, Aisha eventually becomes a loyal ally and a valued member of the crew. Her fierce loyalty to her friends and willingness to protect them at all costs make her a trusted and dependable companion.

21. Miyuki Ayukawa

Miyuki Ayukawa

1. Miyuki Ayukawa is a teenage girl known for her well-endowed figure, dark complexion, and magenta eyes. She has dark curly hair styled in dreadlocked twin tails tied up with pink ribbons.

2. During their childhood, Miyuki lived with a character named Dan until her family moved away. However, she and her grandfather return in the first episode of the series as a skilled mechanic and a well-endowed teenager.

3. Miyuki’s expertise lies in mechanics, showcasing her talent and proficiency in handling machinery and technology.

4. Her distinctive appearance, combined with her mechanical skills, make Miyuki a memorable character in the series, adding depth and diversity to the cast.

20. Claudia LaSalle

Claudia LaSalle

Intelligence and Expertise: Claudia LaSalle is a highly intelligent and skilled character. She possesses extensive knowledge in various fields, including science, technology, and engineering. Her expertise allows her to contribute significantly to the team’s missions and provide valuable insights.

Tactical and Strategic Thinking: Claudia is known for her tactical and strategic thinking. She excels at analyzing situations and developing effective plans to overcome challenges. Her ability to think critically and make quick decisions makes her a valuable asset to the team.

Supportive Role: Claudia primarily serves as a support character, providing essential assistance to the main protagonists. She often operates from a control room or base, offering guidance, intelligence, and technical support to her teammates during missions.

Compassionate and Caring Nature: Despite her highly analytical mind, Claudia also displays a compassionate and caring nature. She is deeply concerned about the well-being of her team members and often shows empathy and understanding towards their struggles and emotions.

19. Elena (Street Fighter series)

Elena (Street Fighter series)

African Princess: Elena is an African princess from Kenya. She is known for her vibrant and energetic personality, which is reflected in her fighting style.

Capoeira Fighter: Elena is a skilled practitioner of Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics, and combat. Her fighting style emphasizes fluidity, agility, and graceful movements.

Healing Abilities: One of Elena’s unique abilities is her healing factor. During matches, Elena can regenerate her health slowly over time, giving her an advantage in prolonged fights.

Positive and Friendly: Elena is known for her positive and friendly demeanor. She often displays a cheerful and optimistic attitude, even during battles, which makes her a popular and likable character among fans.

18. Kilik Rung (Soul Eater)

Kilik Rung (Soul Eater)

Kilik Rung is a popular Meister in the EAT Class, known for his partnership with twin weapons named Fire and Thunder. Together, they form a powerful trio in combat.

Kilik’s personality is described as hot-blooded and direct, reflecting his fiery soul. He possesses a passionate and determined nature, which fuels his drive to succeed.

In terms of appearance, Kilik is depicted as a dark-skinned Meister with dark eyes and black hair. He has a youthful appearance, being thirteen years old in the early part of the series and around the same age as the character Black☆Star.

Kilik’s skill and potential as a Meister are evident through his dynamic partnership with Fire and Thunder. Their combined abilities allow for versatile and explosive fighting techniques.

17. Muhammed Avdol

Muhammed Avdol

Stand User: Muhammed Avdol is a Stand user, possessing the ability to manifest and control his Stand named “Magician’s Red.” Magician’s Red is a fire-based Stand with the ability to manipulate and project flames.

Egyptian Stand User: Avdol hails from Egypt and is one of the main characters in the third arc of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, known as “Stardust Crusaders.” He joins the protagonist Jotaro Kujo on a journey to defeat Dio Brando and save Jotaro’s mother.

Wise and Knowledgeable: Avdol is portrayed as a wise and knowledgeable character, often providing guidance and information to his fellow companions. His experience and insights prove crucial in their battles against other Stand users.

Strong Sense of Justice: Avdol has a strong sense of justice and loyalty. He is willing to put himself in harm’s way to protect his friends and innocent people, displaying bravery and selflessness throughout their journey.

16. Bob Makihara (Tenjou Tenge)

Bob Makihara (Tenjou Tenge)

Rebellious and Strong-Willed: Bob Makihara is a rebellious and strong-willed character in Tenjou Tenge. He often challenges authority figures and stands up for what he believes in, displaying a fierce determination in his actions.

Skilled Martial Artist: Bob is a skilled martial artist and fighter. He possesses impressive physical strength and techniques, making him a formidable opponent in combat.

Close Friendship with Nagi Souichirou: Bob shares a close friendship with Nagi Souichirou, one of the main protagonists of the series. They often team up and support each other in battles, forming a powerful duo.

Supportive and Loyal: Despite his rough exterior, Bob is known for his loyalty and support towards his friends. He is willing to put himself on the line to protect and assist those he cares about, showcasing his loyalty and dedication.

15. Mr. Popo (Dragon Ball Z)

Mr. Popo (Dragon Ball Z)

Attendant of Kami: Mr. Popo is an attendant and servant of Kami, the guardian of Earth. He resides at the lookout and assists Kami with various tasks and duties.

Wise and Knowledgeable: Mr. Popo is portrayed as a wise and knowledgeable character. He possesses ancient knowledge and insights, often providing guidance and advice to the Z Fighters when needed.

Unique Appearance: Mr. Popo has a distinct appearance, characterized by his jet-black skin, round shape, and large, red lips. He wears traditional attire and a turban, further adding to his unique look.

Martial Arts Trainer: Despite his gentle demeanor, Mr. Popo is a skilled martial artist and trainer. He has trained various characters, including Goku and Gohan, helping them improve their fighting techniques and abilities.

14. Darui (Naruto Shippuden)

Darui (Naruto Shippuden)

Lightning Style User: Darui is known for his mastery of Lightning Style ninjutsu. He possesses the ability to manipulate and control lightning-based techniques, making him a formidable opponent in battle.

Black Lightning: Darui is unique among Lightning Style users as he possesses the rare ability to wield Black Lightning. This powerful and destructive form of lightning gives him an advantage in combat, as it is highly potent and difficult to defend against.

Kumo’s Fourth Raikage Bodyguard: Darui serves as the bodyguard and right-hand man of the Fourth Raikage, the leader of the Hidden Cloud Village (Kumogakure). He is entrusted with protecting and supporting the Raikage in various matters, showcasing his loyalty and skills.

Calm and Analytical: Darui is often portrayed as calm and level-headed, even in intense situations. He possesses a strategic mind and is skilled at analyzing his opponents’ abilities and devising counter-strategies, making him a valuable asset in battles.

13. Jerso (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Jerso (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Chimeric Warrior: Jerso is a chimera, a being created by fusing multiple life forms together. He possesses both human and animal characteristics, specifically that of a lion.

Former Lab Experiment: Jerso was once a part of the unethical experiments conducted by the state military. He, along with other chimeras, was created in an attempt to enhance the military’s combat capabilities.

Loyalty to Greed: After escaping from the laboratory, Jerso becomes a loyal follower of the homunculus named Greed. He joins Greed’s gang, known as the Chimera Squad, and fights alongside them.

Agile and Skilled Fighter: Jerso exhibits impressive agility and combat skills in battle. His animal-like attributes, such as enhanced senses and physical prowess, make him a formidable opponent. He uses his lion-like abilities to his advantage, showcasing quick reflexes and powerful strikes.

12. April

april anime character

April is a character who has been working closely with November 11 and July, forming a highly efficient and seamless team due to their familiarity and strong rapport.

She stands out with her distinct appearance, featuring dark brown skin, ice blue hair, and captivating golden yellow eyes. Her icy pink lipstick adds a unique touch to her overall look.

April’s usual attire includes a fuchsia pink coat that extends to her upper thighs. The coat is adorned with a large white fur collar and fur lining at the bottom and cuffs, adding a touch of elegance to her ensemble.

With her striking appearance and coordinated teamwork, April contributes to the dynamic and captivating storyline of the anime series she belongs to, bringing her own style and abilities to the team.

11. Carole Stanley

Carole Stanley

Carole Stanley is an outgoing and determined young girl who finds herself in the bustling city of Alba, working various short-term part-time jobs to make ends meet.

Despite her challenging circumstances, Carole maintains a positive and inviting demeanor, showcasing her kind and patient nature.

Carole’s ultimate aspiration is to pursue a career in music, fueling her drive and motivation as she navigates the music scene of Alba City.

Through her shared passion for music, Carole forms a strong bond with Tuesday, another aspiring musician. Their connection and friendship are built on mutual support and a shared dream of making it big in the music industry.

10. Shinobu Sensui (Yu Yu Hakusho)

Sensui was once an idealistic and honorable Spirit Detective, but after discovering the true nature of the demon world, he becomes disillusioned and develops a deep hatred for humanity.

He possesses a unique power called “Sacred Energy”, which allows him to control seven different personalities, each with their own abilities and fighting styles.

Sensui’s primary goal is to open a portal to the demon world and exterminate all of humanity as a form of “purification”. To achieve this, he forms a team of powerful demon allies known as the “Seven Sins”.

Despite being the main villain, Sensui’s character is complex and tragic. He struggles with his own morality and guilt over his past actions as a Spirit Detective, which ultimately leads to his downfall.

9. Yoruichi Shihoin

Yoruichi Shihoin

Former Captain of the 2nd Division: Yoruichi was the former captain of the 2nd Division of the Gotei 13, the Soul Society’s thirteen court guard squads. She is highly skilled in combat and considered one of the most powerful characters in the series.

Shapeshifting Abilities: Yoruichi possesses the unique ability to transform into a black cat at will. This allows her to move swiftly and inconspicuously, making her a formidable and elusive opponent in battle.

Flash Goddess: Yoruichi is known as the “Flash Goddess” due to her incredible speed and agility. She is renowned for her lightning-fast movements and lightning-based techniques, making her a formidable force in combat.

Mentor to Ichigo Kurosaki: Yoruichi serves as a mentor and guide to the main protagonist, Ichigo Kurosaki. She trains him in combat and helps him unlock his potential as a Soul Reaper, playing a crucial role in his development as a fighter.

8. Canary (Black Butler)

Canary (Black Butler)

Canary is an apprentice butler of the prestigious Zoldyck Family, known for their formidable strength and expertise in assassination.

As a guardian of the Zoldyck estate, Canary is tasked with protecting the family and ensuring that no unauthorized individuals are able to enter. She displays unwavering loyalty to the Zoldyck Family, carrying out her duties with great dedication.

Initially portrayed as a ruthless and formidable opponent, Canary is skilled in combat and doesn’t hesitate to use force to expel intruders from the estate.

Despite her young age, Canary possesses exceptional abilities. At the age of ten, she demonstrated her prowess by defeating a Blacklist Hunter and his numerous henchmen, showcasing her impressive skills and combat prowess.

7. Yasutora “Chad” Sado (Bleach)

Yasutora "Chad" Sado (Bleach)

Unique Abilities: Chad possesses a unique set of abilities that stem from his spiritual power. He has incredible physical strength and durability, allowing him to withstand powerful attacks and deliver devastating blows in combat.

Fullbring: Chad later develops Fullbring, an ability that allows him to manipulate the souls of inanimate objects and imbue them with his spiritual power. With Fullbring, he can enhance his punches and create protective barriers.

Gentle Giant: Chad is known for his calm and gentle nature. Despite his intimidating appearance and immense strength, he is a kind-hearted individual who values his friends and will go to great lengths to protect them.

Friendship with Ichigo: Chad is one of Ichigo Kurosaki’s closest friends and becomes a valuable ally in their battles against Hollows and other supernatural threats. Their bond is built on trust, loyalty, and shared experiences.

6. Dutch (Black Lagoon)

Dutch (Black Lagoon)

The Captain of the Lagoon Company: Dutch serves as the captain and leader of the Lagoon Company, a mercenary group based in the crime-ridden city of Roanapur. He is known for his calm and level-headed nature, making him an effective leader.

Skilled Combatant and Marksmanship: Dutch is highly skilled in combat, both in hand-to-hand combat and with firearms. He possesses excellent marksmanship skills and is proficient in using various weapons, making him a formidable fighter.

Strategic Thinker: Dutch is not only a capable fighter but also a strategic thinker. He is known for his ability to plan and execute complex operations, ensuring the success of the Lagoon Company’s missions.

Strong Sense of Morality: Despite being involved in the criminal underworld, Dutch has a strong sense of morality. He often takes a pragmatic approach, making choices that align with his own principles and values.

5. Atsuko Jackson

Atsuko Jackson

The Captain of the Lagoon Company: Dutch serves as the captain and leader of the Lagoon Company, a mercenary group based in the crime-ridden city of Roanapur. He is known for his calm and level-headed nature, making him an effective leader.

Skilled Combatant and Marksmanship: Dutch is highly skilled in combat, both in hand-to-hand combat and with firearms. He possesses excellent marksmanship skills and is proficient in using various weapons, making him a formidable fighter.

Strategic Thinker: Dutch is not only a capable fighter but also a strategic thinker. He is known for his ability to plan and execute complex operations, ensuring the success of the Lagoon Company’s missions.

Strong Sense of Morality: Despite being involved in the criminal underworld, Dutch has a strong sense of morality. He often takes a pragmatic approach, making choices that align with his own principles and values.

4.Fire Emblem (Nathan Seymour)

Fire Emblem (Nathan Seymour)

Fire Emblem is a charismatic hero known for their flamboyant nature and mastery of flame-based abilities. They possess the power to manipulate and control fire, unleashing devastating attacks on their foes.

Equipped with a sleek and agile race car, Fire Emblem showcases impressive maneuverability on the battlefield. They utilize their vehicle as both a means of transportation and as a weapon, utilizing its speed and firepower to their advantage.

Nathan Seymour, Fire Emblem’s civilian identity, had a challenging upbringing within an all-boys boarding school. They faced bullying and ostracization due to their affinity for feminine expressions such as wearing rings, makeup, and accessories.

Whether in or out of uniform, Fire Emblem embraces their unique style by adorning pale pink lipstick, eyeshadow, and painted nails. Their distinctive appearance is a reflection of their self-expression and refusal to conform to societal norms.

3. Michiko Malandro (Michiko & Hatchin)

 Michiko Malandro (Michiko & Hatchin)

Rebellious and Independent: Michiko is a fiercely independent and rebellious woman who refuses to be constrained by societal norms. She is known for her strong-willed nature and determination to live life on her own terms.

Dynamic and Skilled Fighter: Michiko is a skilled fighter, proficient in hand-to-hand combat and firearms. She possesses remarkable agility and resourcefulness, making her a formidable force in confrontations.

Maternal Instincts: Despite her tough exterior, Michiko exhibits deep maternal instincts towards Hatchin, a young girl she takes under her wing. She becomes a mother figure to Hatchin and shows unwavering dedication in protecting and caring for her.

Chaotic Adventures: Michiko embarks on a series of adventurous and often chaotic journeys throughout the series. Her escapades involve evading the law, encountering dangerous individuals, and seeking her own personal objectives while shaping a strong bond with Hatchin.

2. Killer Bee (Naruto Shippuden)

Killer Bee (Naruto Shippuden)

Jinchuriki of the Eight-Tails: Killer Bee is the jinchuriki, or human vessel, of the powerful tailed beast known as the Eight-Tails or Gyūki. He possesses incredible physical strength and chakra reserves, making him a formidable opponent in battle.

Rapping Style and Personality: Killer Bee has a unique personality and is known for his rapping style of speaking. He often incorporates rap verses into his dialogue, adding a vibrant and entertaining aspect to his character.

Swordsmanship and Lightning Release: Killer Bee is a skilled swordsman and wields a sword called Samehada. He combines his swordsmanship with lightning release techniques, creating devastating and lightning-fast attacks.

Brotherly Relationship with A: Killer Bee shares a close bond with his adoptive brother, A, the Fourth Raikage of the Hidden Cloud Village. They have a deep mutual respect and often work together in battles, displaying great synergy and teamwork.

1. Afro Samurai (Afro Samurai)

Afro Samurai (Afro Samurai)

Stoic and Determined: Afro Samurai is a stoic and quiet warrior on a relentless quest for revenge. He is driven by the desire to avenge his father’s death and claim the Number One headband, which represents the most powerful warrior in the world.

Master Swordsman: Afro Samurai is a master swordsman, wielding a distinctive and deadly sword known as the “Number Two.” His swordsmanship skills are unparalleled, allowing him to cut down enemies with precision and speed.

Dual Personalities: Afro Samurai has two distinct personalities. The first is his calm and collected demeanor, exhibiting unwavering focus during combat. The second is his more aggressive and vengeful side, which emerges when he faces those responsible for his father’s death.

Journey of Self-Discovery: Along his journey, Afro Samurai grapples with questions of identity and purpose. He confronts inner demons and struggles to reconcile his desire for revenge with the possibility of finding peace and redemption.

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