Top 30 Most Popular Danganronpa Characters: Ranked By Popularity poll

Here We will Show the top Most Popular Danganronpa Characters Ranked Based On There Popularities I Hope You Will Enjoy this.

30-Mikan Tsumiki
Mikan Tsumiki

She is the supreme Nurse. She will look in the Danganronpa 3 anime. Mikan has lost their respect because she suffers a lot of time from abuse and bullying by somebody.

  • She is easily frightened, weeps easily, beg-pardon a lot, and stammers over words.
29-Kirumi Tojo
Kirumi Tojo

Kirumi is a cultivated and mature female character in Danganronpa V3. She is the protagonist and antagonist in both of the games. She was only at work as a maid, but she also said that

  • she has worked as the shade of the Prime Minister of Japan in reconstructing the country.
28-Genocide Jack
Genocide Jack

Genocide Jack is a professional murderer and a dangerous serial killer. Who has never apprehended and She only kills elegant men that she is attracted to,

  • she always death-dealing them in the same style.
  • She has a habit of giving embarrassing nicknames to others.
27-Ultimate Imposter
Ultimate Imposter

The ultimate imposter doesn’t have a true identity even their gender is also unknown. They got other people’s data and grasp it so they could be accomplished to mimic them perfectly.

  • In Danganronpa 3, most notably they appear to have a quite sober personality.
26-Peko Pekoyama
Peko Pekoyama

Peko Pekoyama appeared in Danganronpa 2 and 3. Peko is a young woman with aesthetic features and a cool demeanor. She is a skilled woman even Peko has the title of Ultimate Swordswoman.

  • She believes that she’s less than human and that her only intention is to conduct Fuyuhiko’s desire.
25-Himiko Yumeno
Himiko Yumeno

Himiko Yumeno is one of the characters featured in Danganronpa Verse 3. She’s a tremendous magician. She has a short height and a quite young appearance.

  • Himiko actually believes her parlor tricks to be authentic magic. This is why she chooses to be called a mage instead of a sorcerer
24-Rantaro Amami
Rantaro Amami

Rantaro is featured in Danganronpa V3. He’s a quite handsome young boy. In the starting, his talent is unspecified the state that he didn’t remember his talent.

  • He misplaced all of his 12 sisters across the world.
  • Rantaro was one of the players who keep afloat until the end.
23-Kiyotaka Ishimaru
Kiyotaka Ishimaru

Kiyotaka is a football player. He is a hard worker, and he also has faith that anyone can achieve anything through it.

  • At first, Kiyotaka’s hair was long which describes his madness now he began to look like a soldier and He is rich in expression.
  • He suffers from low self-confidence at times and he is quite emotional.
22-Aoi Ashina
Aoi Ashina

Aoi Ashina was an energetic sportswoman and an ultimate swimmer, who loved to exercise daily, and always participated in five different sports.

  • She was chosen as an emblematic at the Olympics. She has the adversity of remembering names.
  • She’s quite emotional. She was rehearsing self pranic techniques.
21-Ryoma Hoshi
Ryoma Hoshi

Ryoma was an enormous tennis player and he is the tiny human character in the Danganronpa series. Although he seems like a child if he has faith they deserve it He is evidently ready to harm and even assassinate people.

  • Due to misplacing his loved ones and becoming a culprit, he believes that his self-esteem is gone and he doesn’t have the will to live.
20-Junko Enoshima
Junko Enoshima

Jinko is the main fictional and antagonist character of the Danganronpa series. Junko Enoshima is characterized as a simply charismatic or ultimate fashionista

  • she has the capacity to learn and understand new techniques and is also able to learn all the skills of brainwashing.
  • She could catch anyone’s weakness. She is a bit too chatty. She is very favored by people.
19-Miu Iruma
Miu Iruma

 Miu used to be a mundane, ordinary girl with no talent at all. Miu Iruma is a fictitious character featured in Danganronpa V3. She gets through the coma and became a creator.

  • Miu also keeps giving other characters disrespecting nicknames.
  • She can change the world with her innovations and that is absolutely important to humanity.
18-Byakuya Togami
Bayakuya Togami

Byakuya is the youngest character who takes the crown” it happened first time in the family’s history. He is fluent in French.

  • Togami is the tallest character in the Danganronpa series he has a slim trim figure and usually wears a black suit.
  • Togami is an egotistical man who thinks that no one is superior to him. He adored his family, generally speaking of the enormous power of the Togami Group.
17-Chihiro Fujisaki
Chihiro Fujisaki

Chihiro is the youngest character in the Danganronpa series he’s around 19 years old.

  • He was very brainy but he also had a very apprehensive personality.
  • Chihiro often used computers and was very eager to learn new things.
  • He suffers from molestation and harassment that’s why he changes their appearance and becomes a girl so people won’t bully him.
16-Ibuki Mioda
Ibuki Mioda

Ibuki featured in dangonronpa verse 2 and 3. Ibuki Mioda is a very energetic and chatty woman.

  • She doesn’t like tedious things, she’s an enormous musician and she is skilled to write her own song.
  • She has the ability of costume making and enhanced hearing.
  • Studying is not her cup of tea and she quickly forgets things.
15-Sonia Nevermind
Sonia Nevermind

She’s the ultimate Princess. Sonia is a polite girl with a keen interest in Japanese culture. Sonia is very kind and she cares for and is very protective of her friends.

  • She is the only one who’s very calm and never gets Panic.
  • She has military skills and due to her status,
  • Sonia has faced many difficulties and aggravating situations.
(Most Popular Danganronpa characters)
14-Gonta Gokuhara
Gonta Gokuhara

Gonta was a muscular young boy. He cherished animals, especially insects, and he can even talk with them and turns very aggressive if he sees someone hurting insects.

  • He was a very authentic and kind-hearted person. Gonta Gokuhara was the very perspective of others’ feelings.
  • He also doesn’t seem to understand sexual matters. He prefers not to do arguments and physical fighting.
13-Sakura Ogami
Sakura Ogami

She is one of the strongest women featured in the Danganronpa series. She was the ultimate martial artist and wrestler who won international competitions held in America. Sakura is a quiet and sensible girl.

  • She was keenly interested in an old-fashioned, formal manner, Due to her intense muscular body, students forget the reality that they are chattering to a woman.
12-Maki Harukawa
Maki Harukawa

Maki is uncooperative and obstinate. She has the title Ultimate Child Caregiver. She was born in an orphanage, where she learned to look after children. Later it was disclosed that her real title was the ultimate Assassin.

  • She carries a knife around with her.
  • Maki Harukawa is a taciturn girl. She elaborates things clearly and is very much confident about her arguments.

He was the exclusive creation of Professor Idabashi. He cherished him as his own child K1-B0 esteemed the professor’s skills and contemplate him as his father.

  • K1-B0 was never seen interacting with anyone. He also has the title of Ultimate Robot.
  • He uses calculations to convey emotions, he doesn’t need to eat or drink works with electricity and he’s very much durable.
10-Kaito Momota
Kaito Momota

Kaito is an energetic person with a benevolent, who lives for dreams and mystery, and Kaito narrates himself as a protagonist of his own story. He earned Ultimate Title …

9-Kyoko Kirigiri
Kyoko Kirigiri

In the beginning, she doesn’t remember her talent but now he has the title of Ultimate detective. Kyoko is a stubborn and mysterious girl who tends to hide her feelings.

  • She is very close to her grandfather and shares even big things.
  • She easily gets emotionally upset and She plays a major part in solving the enigma
Most Popular Danganronpa characters
8-Kaede Akamatsu
Kaede Akamatsu

Kaede is an optimistic girl. She is ready to lie for good motives. She has a very sensitive nature and always listens to others’ trouble.

  • Kaede doesn’t have faith in humanity and she thinks that she was superior for a “killing game”.
  • She has the ability of high Charisma and piano skills and has the title of Ultimate pianist. She thinks about others before herself.
7-Nagito Komaeda
Nagito Komaeda

Nagito first comes off as well-mannered, amiable, and breezy now he becomes an insecure boy. Nagito got his title as the Ultimate lucky student and he has keen intellect and cleaning skills.

  • He generally says awkward things without realizing it.
  • Their goal is to spread hope to encourage people. However, he is strongly against dying an absurd death for the sake of disappear
6-Shuichi Saihara
Shuichi Saihara

Shuichi Saihara is the main character In Danganronpa3. Shuichi appears to be a taciturn, severe, and amiable boy. Shuichi’s parents are famous actors and a scriptwriter,

  • Shuichi lacks self-confidence. However, he is also stated to have a fragile personality, he has a tendency to acquire things.
Most Popular Danganronpa characters
5-Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu
Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu

Fuyuhiko is initially rude to the other students. He stated that he was not going to play for the sake of making friends. He has the power of Firearm proficiency.

  • He’s easily got aggressive, often threatening other people when they disagree with them. If there’s someone who he can trust,
  • he will open his heart and do anything for them.
4-Hajime Hinata
Hajime Hinata

He is quite suspicious and cares more than the other students, He is a sober person. He can be rude sometimes when

  • He is annoyed with others and the talent of Ultimate hope, analyst, and soldier. Although
  • He is tolerant of everyone’s bizarre personalities.
3-Chiaki Nanami
Chiaki Nanami

Chiaki Nanami Is the Most Popular Danganronpa characters She is a tremendous gamer and always gets happy while playing games. She seems sleepy all the time and her way of speaking is much different than others.

  • Chiaki is very calm and she tends to that she has never screamed by scared.
2-Gundham Tanaka
-Gundham Tanaka

Gundam has an eccentric personality. He has been gifted with bad powers. He cares about animals and understands them much better than humans.

  • He’s a Nyctophile person. He may also have a keen knowledge of alchemy.
1-Kokichi Oma
Kokichi Oma

Kokichi is the Most Popular Danganronpa Comparision of all characters who appears as an evil supreme leader. He is a manipulative person Because of his behavior no one allows him to speak in front of everyone. that may look very polite and innocent at first glance.

  • He doesn’t like it when people claim they hate lying yet they lie.

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