Most Evil Disney Villains Ranked

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Governor John Ratcliffe is the main antagonist of an animated movie, Pocahontas. He is also eminently racist, barbarous, cruel, cold-blooded, manipulative, and incredibly eccentric.

  • Ratcliffe’s biggest mission is to construct the Americas and he has his last chance to make his name. He also guided an expedition to Virginia to find gold.

Commander Lyle Tiberius Rourke is the main villain of the feature film, Atlantis: The Lost Empire. He was the Commander of an earlier mission. He was determining the ways of military life in their teenage. Initially, Rourke’s attire was a classic military uniform that is generally an army commander’s attire.

  • He was extremely canny, sharp, cruel, and violent, having no compunction against injuring or threatening others. Rourke is also moderately polemical and has a bit of control over his rage.

Sidney “Sid” Phillips appears as an antagonist in the animated film, Toy Story, But he’s not a true villain, being that he did not grasp that the toys are alive. Sid is a young boy, ill-mannered, and somewhat disturbed.

  • He always terrorizes his little sister, by taking her toys and using them for ghastly experiments, like replacing their heads or doing operations on them.
  • He also destroys toys in many more ways. After he grasps that toys are alive, he vows never to hurt a toy again.

Most Evil Disney Villains


Edgar Balthazar is appearing as the main villain of the animated movie, The Aristocrats. While he is so cocky and rapacious, He doesn’t seem to be notably brutal. It would have been very easy for him to just kill Duchess and her kittens, but rather than that, he elects to kidnap them.

  • Edgar isn’t as sharp as he thinks he is.

Pete is the oldest Disney character who appeared as a villainous in the animated film Mickey Mouse Universe. He’s an autocratic, dominating, and cocky, bully who constantly wreaks Chaos on those around him.

  • He’s more naughty, instead of an antagonist, and usually, he wanted to kill the heroes.
35-Madam Mim
Madam Mim

Mad Madam Mim is the main villainous character of the animated film, The Sword in the Stone. She is a devilish, old witch. Mim is a short and overweighted witch. She believes that she’s to be the enormous wizard of all time.

  • Madam Mim is a crafty, crooked, perfidious, and cruel witch. she has tremendous magic such as Dark magic, peak human durability, and Pathological Indomitable Will. 

Most Evil Disney Villains


Clayton is the main villain of the animated feature film, Tarzan. Clayton appears to be a benevolent gentleman with a feeble temper. He doesn’t fondness animals and believes gorillas to be savage beast’s spite of being a professor.

  • He also never shows any signs of being timid. He makes numerous futile attempts to get information on the location of the gorillas.
33-Stinky Pete
Stinky Pete

Stinky Pete is one of the two main villainous characters in the animated movie Toy Story 2. He was initially a kind-hearted person, wise, coherent, and grandfatherly mentor-like character. Despite his evil nature,

  • He was a brilliant, devious, and unaffected toy. He’s always in the box and was highly valued for still being in perfect condition.

Most Evil Disney Villains

32-Duke of Westown
Duke of Westown

Duke of Weselton is the secondary villainous character of the animated movie, Frozen. He is a devious, conniving, and crabby person. He always has a low point of view of everyone else around him.

  • He perpetually thought that he was very attractive and talented. He was offering royals to dance with them for winning their hearts. However, the Duke is an eminently terrible dancer.
31-Prince John
Prince John

Prince John is the major antagonist character of the animated feature film, Robin Hood. Prince John is a wimp and crybaby who ruled without any concern for his person. John is eminently crabby, greedy, and loves money more than anything else in this universe.

  • He is also very insecure about whatever gold he owns.

Gaston is the main villainous character of the animated movie, Beauty and the Beast. He was an aloof and prejudiced hunter. His obsession turned him into a barbarous and betraying evil. They seem unfamiliar with his true nature.

  • Gaston never gives up on his goals. Indeed, he is so obsessed with belle that he ignores all the other beautiful girls in the village 

Sarousch is the main antagonist of, The Hunchback of Notre Dame II. he is the circus emcee, who is ready to commit kidnapping and murder for his aim. Sorousch is also a very pretended and negligible woman. Nonetheless,

  • he is quite overweight but he was appearing to be skinny in front of the public.
28-Lady Tremaine 
Lady Tremaine 

Lady Tremaine is the main antagonist character of the tremendous animated film, Cinderella. She doesn’t acquire any magical powers. She is the frigid stepmother of Cinderella;

  • Lady Tremaine doesn’t hurt Cinderella physically. Rather, she treats Cinderella like a servant in her own house. She firmly believes in maintaining mercy and self-esteem.

Most Evil Disney Villains

27-Bill sykes
Bill sykes

Sykes is the main villainous character of the animated film, Oliver & Company. Sykes is one of Disney’s main corpulent villains, He’s best described as anxious, careless, evil, cruel, slightly naive,

  • Machiavelli, is barbarous, ruthless, greedy, and violent. Sykes is seen loading a weapon that is a handgun. In Disney animated film that’s the first time sees a modern pistol.
26-Captain Hook
Captain Hook

Captain Hook is the main nefarious/antagonist character of the animated feature film, Peter Pan. He is astonishingly cunning, assassin, cantankerous, barbarous and doesn’t show care for his crew members.

  • He badly shot and assassin one of his crew members because of his aggravating singing.
  • He can conspire against anyone even those who are more than aware that he’s erroneous and not trustworthy.
25-Mother Gothel
Mother Gothel

Mother Gothel is the central antagonist of a computer-animated feature film, Tangled. She has been proven biological mother of Cassandra, whom she spontaneity for the powerful healing magics Apart from the magic golden flower.

  • She selfishly uses Rapunzel’s magical powers to immortal her life and always wanted to look like a young woman.
  • Gothel aims to keep Rapunzel in a concealed tower for her whole life to take advantage of her healing powers.

Most Evil Disney Villains

24-Randall Boggs
Randall Boggs

Randall Boggs is one of the two main villainous characters of the animated film, Monsters. Randall Boggs is a chameleon monster. He can stay on a vertical upward downward wall facing without any problems. Randall is capable to change his skin color into any other color.

  • Randall is rapacious, barbarous, callous, crabby, and evil. Besides, Randall is an egocentric jerk who doesn’t care about others. Even he is willing to hurt little children.

Professor Ratigan is the antagonist character of the animated feature film, The Great Mouse Detective. Ratigan is a towering rat and very captivating, serene, suave, and cunning.

  • He has an inflated ego and he’s also very brilliant, like most rats, he chooses to live in the sewers. Indeed with being evil nature, he’s making himself sadistic and heartless.
22-Madame Medusa 
Madame Medusa 

Madame Madusa is the main antagonist of the animated movie, The Rescuers. Medusa is a rapacious woman. She is captivated by diamonds. She always uses makeup for looking young.

  • She only aims to kidnap Penny. Madame Medusa bears a horrible appearance, of which she ostensibly remains unaware. Indeed she has a tremendous power to turn anything, which looks into her eyes into stone.
21-Dr. Facilier 
Dr. Facilier 

Dr. Facilier is additionally called the Shadow Man and he is the antagonist in the animated motion pictures, the blue blood and also the Frog. Facilier is tallest and angular and he perpetually garbed black and red garments. Facilier is so subtle, blarney, amiably,

  • sometimes he wants to be charming. Facilier has huge powers like voodoo, fortune telling, spell casting, and deception.
  • Facilier perpetually keeps a pole with him. He typically looks to use his pole for show performances or as a weapon.

She is the most nefarious character in the animated film, The Emperor’s New Groove. She may be a hideous recent girl and her body color is purple a result of it’s a color that represents craziness.

  • Yzma is appearing to be quite inventive and he or she even has keen data concerning chemistry.
  • She has tremendous powers like High expertise in alchemy, Manipulation, Cunning, Scheming, Speed, and Agility.

Most Evil Disney Villains

19-King Candy
King Candy

King Candy is the antagonist of the animated motion picture, Wreck-It Ralph. King Candy was egotistical and crafty character and he was tiny and recent in look. King Candy’s real name was “Turbo”. He spent the hindermost half of his life as King Candy—the ruler of Sugar Rush. So he enjoyed his job as king.

  • He has special powers and skills like a master racer, hacking, cartoon animalism, glitching, and lots of additional.
19-Queen of Hearts
Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts is the most nefarious character in the animated film, Alice in Wonderland. She is the venturous ruler of Wonderland. She has egocentric and rapacious temperament.

  • She includes a large physique that indicates her physical power. The Queen of hearts likes to hear the words “Yes, Your Majesty”. 
  • She is improbably anxious, unwisely sensitive, has disposition to temper tantrums and he or has uncontrollable falseness.

Hopper is the main villainous character in the film, A Bug’s Life. Hopper appeared as a grasshopper in the film, who is unable to see with one eye. He only seems in the last three levels of the game.

  • Hopper is cunning, barbarous, sadistic, and violent but he had a soft corner for his mother. He has only feared birds, Hopper didn’t think to kill any ants. He guides his gang of grasshoppers.
17-Cruella de Vil
Cruella de Vil

Cruella De Vil is the main antagonist character of the animated movie, 101 Dalmatians. Cruella is an extremely skinny woman that almost seems to be a skeleton. She is bizarre and fashion-obsessed.

  • Cruella generally wears a black sexy gown. she is known to be ruthless, egoistic, crabby, and mean to others. She always looks down on others, and never shows any concern for anyone.
16-Lotso bear
Lotso bear

Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear is the main antagonist of the animated movie, Toy Story. He is an old and enormous pink teddy bear and he’s the ruler of Sunnyside daycare. Until his true colors were exposed Lotso seemed kind-hearted, supportive, and friendly, and he had posses all of the good qualities. But the reality is he’s a sadistic, cunning, rapacious, cruel prison warden,

  • He also has tremendous skills such as leadership, intimidation, manipulation, and high intelligence.

Most Evil Disney Villains

15-Shan Yu
Shan Yu

Shan Yu appears as a villainous character in the animated movie, Mulan. Shan Yu has a muscular body and a thin mustached face. He attire a stocky tunic and black hood. He is confident about his army’s strength and superiority.

  • Shan Yu is one of the utmost characters in the film who doesn’t underestimate women.
  • He has gigantic power and abilities such as expert combatant, superhuman strength, superhuman endurance, expert tracker, and master strategist.

Bellwether is the major antagonist of the animated movie, Zootopia. she appeared as a sheep in the movie. She’s the assistant mayor of zootopia.

  • Bellwether is very brilliant and manipulative She seems to be kind-hearted, sweet, and caring but when her true colors are exposed she was also shown to be quite imperious and bragging about her plan.
  • She used “night howlers” poisoned flowers to create a chemical drug. In the end, she is imprisoned and seems to serve life.

Yokai also known as “Robert Callaghan” is the major antagonist of the animated film, Big Hero 6. He is a head robotics professor.

  • Yokai usually attire fully black clothing and had a mask on his face. Before the tragic incident yokai was a kind-hearted man, who just wanted to change the world. He had a keen knowledge of the subject of science.
  • Yokai was able to alter the robots into a deadly force and also capable of eminently dangerous acts.

Most Evil Disney Villains


Hades is the main antagonist of Disney’s 1997 animated picture Hercules. he’s Lord of the Underworld. He does not like ruling the Underworld. he is a really cruel, barbarous, and rapacious person.

  • Hade’s apparel was a black gown and a smoky base robe. Whenever he gets angry, his skin turns red and his hair appears to fireside.
  • He has mammoth powers like immorality, endurance, hearth manipulation, earth manipulation, Alchemy, and smoke manipulation.

Jafar is the main antagonist of the most well-liked animated picture, Aladdin. He’s forever beside his insidious pet parrot, Iago. He indicated himself as a kind-hearted contriver and

  • he forever tries to achieve the trust of people. Jaffar may be an extremely proud, abusive, and crafty person. He had traveled wide and gained keen information about magic powers.
  • He features a twin sister UN agency that respects Jaffar and their bond is sort of robust.
10-The Evil Queen 
The Evil Queen 

The Evil Queen is one every of the film producers’ antagonists of the beloved animated film, Snow White and therefore the Seven Dwarfs, she is additionally called the wicked queen. She forever posses to apparel a purple robe. The Queen appears to be cold-headed, calm, and wonderful, however truly, she may be a heartless, abhorrent, and villainous person.

  • She does not wish anyone simply to be the fairest within the land quite her. She features a magic mirror that tells her about their beauty.
  • She has jealous of snow white as a result of the mirror loved snow white because the most lovely lady in the land which is why she set to kill her then nobody is additional lovely than her.

Most Evil Disney Villains

9-Oogie blues
Oogie blues

Oogie blues is the main nefarious character in the film, The Nightmare before Christmas. His role is incredibly tiny within the film. Oogie blues is that the solely resident of Allhallows Eve city UN agency appears duller than the opposite villains.

  • Oogie’s temperament is incredibly straightforward and he’s forever wrapped head to toe in an exceedingly gray sack thus he appears to be visible by their apparel.
  • He created a snake in his mouth as a troublesome to feared Santa by hissing him. He’s extremely defenseless and unable to assault anyone.
8-Honest John 
Honest John

Honest John is one of the key nefarious characters of the film Pinocchio. he is a confident man. he is a pointy and rapacious fox. he is conjointly extremely good and frequently misleads others and he forever takes the simple thanks to success.

  • He will persuade anyone to try and do it no matter what he needs.
  • His solely aim is to earn cash illicitly thus he is conjointly able to kill anyone only for cash. He did heaps of crimes like fraud, kidnapping, theft, and conspiracy.
7-The Coachman
The Coachman

The Coachman is one in every of 3 antagonists within the animated picture, Pinocchio. He’s the owner of Delight Island. he is among the foremost rapacious villain and he does not have any sensible qualities.

  • He has mammoth powers like magic, trickery, manipulation, and high intelligence thus with the assistance of his magic he turns naughty boys into donkeys and sells them for his profit.
  • He did a large variety of crimes like human trafficking, slavery, unlawful imprisonment, usage of dark magic, kidnapping, and conspiracy.

Ursula is the most nefarious character of the animated picture, the microscopic imaginary being. She is an Associate in Nursing egotistic, cunning, and cruel lady and he or she features a wicked sense of humor.

  • She may be a [*fr1]-woman apparel a purple dress whereas her body’s lower half is like an Associate in Nursing octopus. She speaks in an extremely artful tone.
  • She conjointly appears to be terribly elegant and represents herself with heaps of confidence. She has tremendous powers and skills like Size alternation, manipulation, godlike strength, shape-shifting, and lots of additional.

Most Evil Disney Villains


The scar is the antagonist of the animated picture, The Lion King. He’s a frontrunner of the hyena social group. He killed his brother and currently he aims to kill his kinsman Simba as a result of his wish to become a consecutive king.

  • The scar may be a crafty, rapacious lion with civilized and chic behavior. He did heaps of crimes like conspiracy, harassment, Assault, blackmailing, kidnapping, and treason.
  • He has mammoth strengths like manipulation, Intimidation, combat art, deception, and lots of additional.
4-Claude Frollo
Claude Frollo

Judge Claude Frollo is the key nefarious character in the animated picture, The Hunchback of Notre Dame. He’s an Associate in nursing atrocious and crooked government official UN agency uses his power only for his profit.

  • He has a religion that everything he will it is God’s Will. Frollo’s extreme weakness is that he cannot feel love or sympathy for an additional person whereas he tried to. He’s an Associate in nursing recent man and he features a wrinkled face and cutting white hair.
  • He has power and skills like authority and influence, Resources, and increased strength.

Maleficent is the antagonist of the notable and beloved animated film, Sleeping Beauty. She is brutal, cunning, devious, and rapacious, and can do something to require her villainous goals.

  • She’s one every of the foremost fashionable and powerful villains in Disney’s history. Baneful does not comprehend love, care, or kindness,
  • In short, she’s a merciless villain. She has the large power of shape-shifting and he or she has all the powers of hell.

Chernabog is the Second Most Evil Disney Villains may be a demon that appeared as a nefarious character in the animated film, Fantasia. Chernabog does not have a dominant or subtle temperament like different film producers’ Villains.

  • He is villainous evil only for the “fun”. He’s a cruel and barbarous monster His sole goal is to unfold darkness across the entire world may well be the rationale that he’s the sole non-Heartless.
  • His deadly hobby is restoring lost souls solely to kill them once more. He has huge powers like conjurer and reworking the soul, Brobdingnagian wicked powers, and perdition.

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1-The Horned King
The Horned King

The Horned King serves as one of the three main antagonists of the animated movie; The Horned King is a dangerous skeletal creature with green skin. He is the most egotistic, crabby, and violent villain in the Disney Universe.

  • He has no secrets about his purpose. He only aims to become a god between mortal men. He has gigantic powers and skills like dark magic, electrokinesis, teleportation, and high intelligence he is Most Evil Disney Villains.

Most Evil Disney Villains

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