Karuizawa Kei

30 Things You Didn’t Know About Karuizawa Kei

1-Karuizawa Kei is one of the heroines of the You-Zitsu series as well as a second-year student of progressive Nurturing High academy

2-She is a superior figure in the class and is supposed to be the girl’s leader in class D

3-She takes huge pride and care in having a pulchritudinous external appearance and is known in the class to be one of the most stylish and modish students in her class

4-Kei Karuizawa’s birthday is March 8 and Zodiac sign “pieces”

4-Kei Karuizawa age is 16 years old and his voice actor Ayana Taketatsu” and heights are 154cm tall

5-Kei is a teenage girl of moderate height with waist-length Golden hair that is bound in a ponytail and purple eyes

6-Kei comes across as a messy and spoiled girl who only cares about herself

7-Kei pays most of her time with the girl after school and uses her points to buy clothes and complement

8-She was unabashed and unembarrassed by the comments made by other people for describing her bold moves on her body that caught her eye

9-Kei’s true self is extremely analytical and intelligent with a sharp mind

10-Kei is a girl Haunted by the ghosts of her past who can be weak and sensitive toward her surroundings

11-Everyone hates Kei and is only took an attraction to her due to the position and status she has in the class

12-Kei is a direct and outspoken person and she is often calling the absence of a common sense

13-Kei tries to live in the most common way possible and spends most of her time keeping fun with her friends

14-she is very interconnected to fashion and flowery things

15-Kei has not displayed much interest in academics or a great desire to get a higher class

16-She dislike for studying is mainly due to the absence of chances she had to attend her classes always during middle school due to her past

17-people examine down on her for her dedication to the opposite sex

18-She adores personal security as the only reason she had a relationship with Hirata and adopted a flirtatious attitude with high profiled boys was so that she would never be forced again

19-the name Kei consists of kanji that means “favor Benefit(Kei)

20-Kei Surname Karuizawa consists of kanjis that mean “light” (Karu) “well, mine shaft, pit (I), and “Maesh” (Sawa/Zawa)

21-As D class is for students with insufficient traits, Kei’s defect is her low grades and periodic unexplained absences during middle school

22-She is the girlfriend of Kiyotaka Ayanokoji

23-She has moved against all odds and eventually found true pleasure in the form of Kiyotaka

24-Kei’s ranking in the female character variety for Takarajimasha’s Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi!

25-Kei has selected the ability to sense the smallest bits of changes in the atmosphere expressions and emotions of others

26-Kei and Ayakonoji are capable to understand the words spoken in their eyes be they positive or negative

27-Kei has the tremendous mental power and an indomitable will to never surrender to the challenges of life

28-she has the highest level of loyalty at the most important of moments

29-She is a self Knowledgeable person who knows better than anyone her Own Character and Limitation

30- Kei came to school Wishing for Salvation and Acted Arrogantly to make herself look big

  • and Powerful trying to play Tough so she Wouldn’t be Forced Again
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