30 Things You Didn’t Know About Karuizawa Kei

1-Karuizawa Kei is one of the heroines of the You-Zitsu series as well as a second-year student of progressive Nurturing High academy

2-She is a superior figure in the class and is supposed to be the girl’s leader in class D

3-She takes huge pride and care in having a pulchritudinous external appearance and is known in the class to be one of the most stylish and modish students in her class

4-Kei Karuizawa’s birthday is March 8 and Zodiac sign “pieces”

4-Kei Karuizawa age is 16 years old and his voice actor Ayana Taketatsu” and heights are 154cm tall

5-Kei is a teenage girl of moderate height with waist-length Golden hair that is bound in a ponytail and purple eyes

6-Kei comes across as a messy and spoiled girl who only cares about herself

7-Kei pays most of her time with the girl after school and uses her points to buy clothes and complement

8-She was unabashed and unembarrassed by the comments made by other people for describing her bold moves on her body that caught her eye

9-Kei’s true self is extremely analytical and intelligent with a sharp mind

10-Kei is a girl Haunted by the ghosts of her past who can be weak and sensitive toward her surroundings

11-Everyone hates Kei and is only took an attraction to her due to the position and status she has in the class

12-Kei is a direct and outspoken person and she is often calling the absence of a common sense

13-Kei tries to live in the most common way possible and spends most of her time keeping fun with her friends

14-she is very interconnected to fashion and flowery things

15-Kei has not displayed much interest in academics or a great desire to get a higher class

16-She dislike for studying is mainly due to the absence of chances she had to attend her classes always during middle school due to her past

17-people examine down on her for her dedication to the opposite sex

18-She adores personal security as the only reason she had a relationship with Hirata and adopted a flirtatious attitude with high profiled boys was so that she would never be forced again

19-the name Kei consists of kanji that means “favor Benefit(Kei)

20-Kei Surname Karuizawa consists of kanjis that mean “light” (Karu) “well, mine shaft, pit (I), and “Maesh” (Sawa/Zawa)

21-As D class is for students with insufficient traits, Kei’s defect is her low grades and periodic unexplained absences during middle school

22-She is the girlfriend of Kiyotaka Ayanokoji

23-She has moved against all odds and eventually found true pleasure in the form of Kiyotaka

24-Kei’s ranking in the female character variety for Takarajimasha’s Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi!

25-Kei has selected the ability to sense the smallest bits of changes in the atmosphere expressions and emotions of others

26-Kei and Ayakonoji are capable to understand the words spoken in their eyes be they positive or negative

27-Kei has the tremendous mental power and an indomitable will to never surrender to the challenges of life

28-she has the highest level of loyalty at the most important of moments

29-She is a self Knowledgeable person who knows better than anyone her Own Character and Limitation

30- Kei came to school Wishing for Salvation and Acted Arrogantly to make herself look big

  • and Powerful trying to play Tough so she Wouldn’t be Forced Again


Q: Who played Kei Karuizawa?

A: In the anime adaptation of “Classroom of the Elite,” Kei Karuizawa is voiced by Japanese voice actress Rina Hidaka.

Q: What is Kei Karuizawa’s age?

A: However, she is a second-year student in high school, which suggests she is around 16 or 17 years old.

Q: Who is the voice actor for Karuizawa Kei?

A: Karuizawa Kei is voiced by Japanese voice actress Rina Hidaka.

Q: What is Kei Karuizawa’s height?

A: Kei Karuizawa’s height is 160cm tall and weighs 46kg..

Q: What is the meaning of Karuizawa?

A: “Karuizawa” is a Japanese surname and does not have a specific meaning associated with it.

Q: Is Kei Karuizawa smart?

A: Kei Karuizawa is portrayed as an average student academically. While she may not possess exceptional intelligence like some other characters in the series, she has her own strengths and abilities.

Q: What is Kei Karuizawa’s past?

A: Kei Karuizawa’s past is not extensively explored in the series. Some details about her background and personal history are revealed gradually throughout the story, including her involvement with certain events and her interactions with other characters.

Q: When is Karuizawa Kei’s birthday?

A: Kei’s birthday is on February 14th.

Q: What is Karuizawa’s dark secret?

A: In the series “Classroom of the Elite,” Kei Karuizawa does not have a known dark secret. While she may have personal struggles or hidden aspects of her life, no specific dark secret is revealed about her character.

Q: What was Karuizawa hiding?

A: Throughout the series, Karuizawa Kei is shown to have a secretive nature and hides certain aspects of her life from others. These hidden details can include her true intentions, motivations, or personal circumstances, which are gradually unveiled as the story progresses.

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