100 Mind-Blowing Facts About Blue Exorcist Characters That You Never Know

List of Blue Exorcist Facts:-

In Blue Exorcist the Rin Okumura is the main protagonist of the series and is the son of Satan and a human woman named Yuri Egin.

Yukio Okumura is Rin’s younger twin brother and is also an exorcist. Unlike Rin, Yukio is fully human.

Shiro Fujimoto is the priest who raised Rin and Yukio as his own sons. He was also an exorcist and the strongest of the True Cross Order.

Mephisto Pheles is a demon and the chairman of True Cross Academy. He is also the youngest of the eight demon kings.

Amaimon is one of the eight demon kings and is known as the Earth King. He is also Rin’s half-brother.

Shura Kirigakure is a skilled exorcist who becomes Rin’s mentor and friend.

Kuro is a demon cat who is rescued by Rin and becomes his familiar.

Izumo Kamiki is a female exorcist who initially dislikes Rin but eventually becomes his friend.

Shiemi Moriyama is a kind-hearted girl who becomes friends with Rin and the others. She is also an exorcist.

Ryuji Suguro is a serious and competitive exorcist who has a long-standing rivalry with Rin.

Renzo Shima is a carefree exorcist who is known for his love of women and his flirtatious personality.

Konekomaru Miwa is a small and timid exorcist who is good friends with Ryuji.

Juzo Shima is Renzo’s older brother and is known for his gruff personality and strong sense of duty.

Nemu Takara is a student at True Cross Academy who is known for her intelligence and analytical skills.

Igor Neuhaus is a professor at True Cross Academy and is known for his eccentric personality and love of research.

Lewin Light is a veteran exorcist who serves as the head of the Exorcist Cram School.

Ernest Frederik Egin is the current head of the Egin family and is Rin and Yukio’s grandfather.

Saburota Todo is a former exorcist who becomes a demon and attempts to destroy the True Cross Order.

Lucifer is a fallen angel and the ruler of Gehenna, the demon world.

Satan is the most powerful demon and the father of Rin and Yukio.

Yuri Egin is Rin and Yukio’s mother and was a powerful exorcist before her death.

Azazel is a demon who was once an angel and is known for his knowledge of magic and science.

Arthur A. Angel is a powerful exorcist who serves as the Paladin, the leader of the True Cross Order.

Grigori is a group of fallen angels who seek to destroy Satan and his followers.

Lucifer’s followers are known as the Illuminati and seek to bring about the end of the world.

Satan’s followers are known as the Gehenna Gatekeepers and seek to open the gate between the human and demon worlds.

Meister is a title given to skilled exorcists who specialize in a particular type of demon.

Tamer is a title given to exorcists who specialize in controlling demons.

Exwire is a title given to novice exorcists who are still in training.

Gehenna is the demon world and is the home of Satan and his followers.

Rin’s demon powers allow him to control blue flames that are incredibly powerful.

Yukio is a skilled marksman and specializes in using guns to defeat demons.

Shiro was known as the “Paladin” before Arthur A. Angel and was highly respected by other exorcists.

Mephisto is known for his trickster personality and love of teasing those around him.

Amaimon has the ability to control the earth and create powerful earthquakes.

Shura’s specialty is using a katana and she is known for her excellent swordsmanship.

Kuro can transform into a larger and more powerful form when in battle.

Izumo’s specialty is using a type of magic that allows her to control a spirit beast named Nee.

Shiemi is highly skilled in using plant-based magic to heal others and protect herself.

Ryuji’s specialty is using fire-based magic and he is known for his ability to create powerful fire attacks.

Renzo’s specialty is using electric-based magic and he is known for his ability to control lightning.

Konekomaru’s specialty is using paper-based magic and he is known for his ability to create powerful defensive spells.

Juzo’s specialty is using sound-based magic and he is known for his ability to create powerful sonic attacks.

Nemu’s specialty is using water-based magic and she is known for her ability to control water and ice.

Igor’s specialty is using magic to create powerful golems and other constructs.

Lewin’s specialty is using light-based magic and he is known for his ability to create powerful light attacks.

Ernest’s specialty was using healing magic and he was highly respected by other exorcists.

Saburota’s demon form is a powerful dragon that is capable of destroying entire cities.

Lucifer is known for his ability to manipulate time and space.

Satan’s true form is a massive, multi-headed dragon that is nearly invincible.

Yuri was highly respected by other exorcists and was known for her kindness and compassion.

Azazel’s specialty is using magic to create powerful illusions and he is highly intelligent.

Arthur A. Angel is highly respected by other exorcists and is known for his incredible strength and skill.

Grigori is led by Angel, the leader of the fallen angels, who seeks to bring about the end of the world.

The Illuminati are led by Lucifer and seek to rule over both the human and demon worlds.

The Gehenna Gatekeepers are led by Satan and seek to open the gate between the human and demon worlds to bring about the end of the world.

Meisters are highly respected by other exorcists and are known for their incredible skill in defeating specific types of demons.

Tamers are highly skilled in controlling demons and are often called upon to help exorcists in battle.

Exwires are still in training but are highly respected by their fellow exorcists for their dedication and determination.

Gehenna is a dangerous and volatile place, filled with powerful demons that can easily overpower even the strongest exorcists.

Saburota’s father was a powerful demon who tried to take over the world before being defeated by Shiro Fujimoto.

Mephisto has a demon form that is a large, muscular being with horns and a tail.

Yukio suffers from a rare condition called “demonic possession syndrome” which causes him to hear the voices of demons.

Konekomaru and Rin have a strained relationship due to Konekomaru’s family history of being killed by demons.

Juzo has a soft spot for animals and often takes in stray cats and dogs.

Renzo is the son of a wealthy demon family and has struggled to reconcile his family’s wealth with his duties as an exorcist.

Izumo’s mother was a powerful exorcist who sacrificed herself to save her daughter’s life.

Shiemi’s grandmother was a famous exorcist who passed down her plant-based magic to Shiemi.

Ryuji has a fear of bugs, which he tries to overcome by using fire to burn them.

Kuro was originally a familiar to Rin’s father, Shiro Fujimoto, before becoming Rin’s companion.

Arthur A. Angel’s demon form is a large, winged creature with multiple eyes and tentacle-like appendages.

Lewin was once a member of the Illuminati before betraying them and joining the True Cross Order.

Ernest was one of the few exorcists who knew the truth about Rin’s demon heritage and helped to protect him.

Saburota is a skilled strategist and often uses his intelligence to gain an advantage over his opponents.

Lucifer’s true form is a winged serpent with multiple heads and a powerful aura that can cause humans to go mad.

Shura’s father was a famous exorcist who passed away when she was young, which inspired her to become an exorcist herself.

The Gehenna Gatekeepers are made up of Satan’s most loyal followers and are incredibly powerful.

Rin has a fear of insects, which is ironic given his demon powers.

Yuri and Shiro were childhood friends before becoming exorcists.

Azazel’s demon form is a large, winged creature with sharp talons and a powerful tail.

Konekomaru’s family has a long history of being killed by demons, which has made him cautious and distrustful of demons and demon tamers.

Ryuji has a rivalry with Rin due to their similar powers and personalities.

Renzo’s demon form is a small, fox-like creature that can create powerful electric shocks.

Yukio’s demon powers allow him to see and understand complex information at an incredible speed.

The Illuminati have a vast network of spies and agents that allow them to gather information on their enemies.

The True Cross Order is led by Grigori, who is known for his strict and unforgiving leadership style.

Exorcists are trained in a wide variety of combat and magical techniques to prepare them for any situation they may encounter.

Shiemi has a fear of ghosts and often gets scared when exorcising them.

Izumo initially comes across as cold and aloof, but she has a strong sense of loyalty and will go to great lengths to protect her friends.

Rin’s demon powers have made him a target for both demons and exorcists who fear his potential for destruction.

Shura’s mother was a demon who fell in love with a human exorcist, which is how Shura was born.

Shiro Fujimoto was known as the strongest exorcist of his time and was revered by many.

Mephisto has a love for theatrics and often uses magic tricks in his fights.

Rin’s true form as a demon is a giant, blue, flame-like creature with horns and a tail.

Bon’s father is the leader of the Myoda sect, a group of exorcists who specialize in sealing demons.

Yukio’s demonic powers allow him to manipulate and create guns from his own energy.

The Illuminati have a secret lab where they conduct experiments on demons and humans.

Shura’s demon form is a large, muscular creature with horns and sharp claws.

Renzo’s father is the head of the Koma clan, a wealthy and powerful demon family.

Konekomaru’s family crest is a symbol of protection against demons and evil spirits.

Rin has a habit of speaking his mind, often leading to conflicts with others.

Shiemi’s familiar, Nee, is a small, winged creature with the ability to communicate with plants.

Ryuji’s father is a famous exorcist and the head of the Suguro family.

Saburota is skilled in the art of demon tamers, which allows him to control and communicate with demons.

Lewin has a deep sense of regret for his past actions and seeks redemption for his past mistakes.

Ernest has a calm and collected demeanor, often serving as a voice of reason for his colleagues.

Izumo’s familiar is a white fox named Kuro.

Yukio is often compared to his father, Shiro, due to their similar appearance and demeanor.

The True Cross Order has a strict hierarchy, with high-ranking exorcists holding significant power and influence.

Konekomaru’s grandfather was killed by the demon responsible for his family’s curse, leading to Konekomaru’s deep-seated hatred of demons.

Ryuji’s demon form is a large, bull-like creature with a powerful charge.

Azazel is known as the “Angel of Death” and is feared by many demons.

Shura has a rebellious streak and often goes against the rules and expectations of the True Cross Order.

Renzo has a talent for hacking and often uses his skills to gather information for the True Cross Order.

Shiemi’s plant-based magic allows her to heal injuries and create powerful vines and thorns.

Mephisto is one of the seven demon kings and holds significant power and influence in the demon world.

The Myoda sect has a strict code of honor and only accepts the strongest and most skilled exorcists into their ranks.

Lewin’s demon form is a large, demonic wolf with sharp teeth and claws.

Izumo’s mother’s death led to a strained relationship with her father, who blamed her for her mother’s sacrifice.

Rin’s demon powers are tied to the sword Kurikara, which he uses to control his demonic impulses.

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