50 Things You Didn’t Know About Shenron

List of Shenron facts:

Shenron is a fictional character from the Dragon Ball manga and anime series.

He is a dragon that appears when all seven Dragon Balls are gathered together.

The name “Shenron” means “divine dragon” in Chinese.

Shenron is the most powerful dragon in the Dragon Ball universe.

He was created by the Namekian Guru.

Shenron can grant any wish, as long as it does not exceed the power of his creator.

Shenron’s appearance changes throughout the series, but he is always depicted as a large, green dragon.

Shenron’s voice is provided by the late Kenji Utsumi in the original Japanese version of the anime.

In the English dubbed version of the anime, his voice is provided by Christopher Sabat.

Shenron has red eyes and yellow sclera.

His horns are sharp and curve backward.

Shenron has a long, serpentine body with four legs and two wings.

He is capable of flight and can move at high speeds.

Shenron is immortal and cannot be killed.

If Shenron is killed, the Dragon Balls will become inactive for one year.

Shenron can communicate telepathically with the person who summoned him.

He is often portrayed as having a calm and collected personality.

Shenron is not omniscient and can only grant wishes within his power.

In the Dragon Ball Z series, the Dragon Balls can be used twice in a year’s time.

In the Dragon Ball GT series, the Dragon Balls can only be used once every 100 years.

In the Dragon Ball Super series, a new set of Dragon Balls called the Super Dragon Balls are introduced.

The Super Dragon Balls are much larger than the regular Dragon Balls and can grant any wish, no matter how powerful.

The Super Dragon Balls are scattered throughout the universe and are much harder to find than the regular Dragon Balls.

Shenron has a rival named Porunga, who is also capable of granting wishes.

Porunga is the dragon of Namek and has a different appearance than Shenron.

Porunga has green scales, red eyes, and antlers on his head.

Porunga is capable of granting three wishes instead of one.

Porunga is also immortal and cannot be killed.

Porunga is voiced by Takashi Nagasako in the Japanese version of the anime.

In the English dubbed version of the anime, his voice is provided by Christopher Sabat, who also voices Shenron.

Shenron was first introduced in the manga chapter “The Dragon Balls are Stolen!” which was published in Weekly Shōnen Jump on December 10, 1984.

Shenron is a symbol of hope and power in the Dragon Ball universe, and is often sought after by characters for his ability to grant wishes.

The seven Dragon Balls, when brought together, summon Shenron and are said to hold immense power.

The Dragon Balls were originally created by the Namekians as a way to restore their home planet, Namek.

The Namekians are the only ones who know the secrets of the Dragon Balls’ creation and can create new ones if necessary.

Shenron has been summoned many times throughout the Dragon Ball series, and has granted a wide range of wishes, from bringing back deceased characters to restoring destroyed planets.

In Dragon Ball Super, Shenron’s power is greatly expanded upon, and he is shown to be able to resurrect entire universes.

Shenron has also been summoned by characters who were simply curious about his power or wanted to test his abilities.

In the Dragon Ball Z anime, Shenron is shown to have a weakness to garlic and will disappear if a character eats it in his presence.

Shenron’s appearance in the Dragon Ball Z anime was heavily censored for Western audiences due to his design being seen as too reminiscent of Satanism and other religious symbolism.

Shenron’s appearance was changed for the English dubbed version of the anime, with his horns being shortened and his eyes being changed from red to white.

Shenron’s appearance has also changed throughout the Dragon Ball series, with his design becoming more detailed and intricate over time.

In the Dragon Ball Z anime, Shenron’s summoning sequence involves him emerging from the Dragon Balls and then flying high into the sky, where he unleashes a powerful energy blast.

In Dragon Ball Super, Shenron’s summoning sequence is greatly expanded upon, with characters having to gather energy from across the universe to summon him.

Shenron’s voice is also changed in the English dubbed version of Dragon Ball Super, with Ian Sinclair providing the voice for the character.

Shenron’s abilities are also expanded upon in Dragon Ball Super, with him being able to transport characters across time and space, and even create new planets.

Shenron is also featured prominently in the Dragon Ball video game franchise, appearing as a playable character in some games and a boss character in others.

Shenron is also featured in various Dragon Ball merchandise, including action figures, clothing, and keychains.

Shenron is often seen as a benevolent character in the Dragon Ball universe, using his power to help others and restore balance to the world.

Despite his immense power, Shenron is also shown to be vulnerable to attacks from powerful characters, and has been defeated on multiple occasions.

In the Dragon Ball GT anime, Shenron is turned evil by the negative energy of the Dragon Balls, and must be defeated by the series’ main characters.

Shenron’s design is based on traditional Chinese dragon mythology, which often features long, serpentine bodies and multiple legs.

Shenron’s name is often used as a reference to his power and authority, with characters describing him as “the dragon of legends” or “the king of dragons.”

In the original Japanese version of the Dragon Ball anime, Shenron speaks in an archaic and formal language, adding to his air of mystery and power.

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