30 Things You Didn’t Know About Zenitsu Agatsuma

1-Zenitsu surname represents “my wife” while his Given name means “goodness”

  • He’s jealous of the womanizer mean

2-Zenitsu are very experienced at playing the shamisen and the koto

  • Zenitsu and gramps aren’t blood-related

3-He is the sole non-hashira In demon to have done stunts specifically only Hashira have done

for example, he creates a new original form in a breathing style with multiple users

4-He defeats an upper-rank demon by himself (Kaigaku)

  • His voice actor “Hiro Shimono”

5-Zenitsu ha an overbite and the pattern on Zenitsu Haori may be motivated by Uroke a traditional Japanese pattern that signifies scales

  • after the event of the story, Zenitsu wrote memories entitled “the legend of zenitsu

6-His hearing permits him to hear the sickening remarks that girls made to him behind his back this caused him to be shocked by girls so much that he couldn’t stand it anymore

  • He was deceived by a girl stealing his earned money

7-Through Zenitsu slipped in love with Nezyko at first sight he was skeptical of how Tanjiro described her . he couldn’t accept that girls could be so one-sidedly kind Heart

  • By the way, after the main story, Zenitsu marries nezuko

8-He is very kind and soft of nature and he has his own unique fighting skill, he is one of the strongest hunters

  • He has Hashira-level talent

9-He is in debt and is valued at around 600,000 yen in today’s currency

This Is a huge amount of obligation that likely came from his Seven ex-girlfriends

10-He loves sweet and expensive food commonly known as kakayaki

11-Zenitsu thinks teacher Jigoro is her grandfather which is why she calls him that

12-In kimetsu academy, He is a morals officer who ended up on the committee despite not wanting an alternate universe

13-He is married at the age of 16 years old and he is not good at flirting with girls

14-Zenitsu has incredible hearing if he concentrates he can even hear thoughts

  • He is the only one Who Has A sparrow and not a crow

15-He repeatedly tried to mend his relationship with kaigaku and even after fighting him he still regretted his action

16-he has dark hair before the lightning Strike and he has to good At playing music

17-His sword is rare and unbroken and his soloes killed upper rank six kaigaku

18-He has excellent hearing ability and received sparrow instead of crow after surviving the final selection

19-Zenitsu hair isn’t yellow originally black hair and His subconscious state of mind moved based on pure instinct

20-He creates his own form of breathing and has Hashira-demon slayer level feat

He won against his senpai who’s now a demon

21-he is faster enough to be invisible to the naked eye against upper rank

22-Zenitsu looks like Sanji If you watch one piece when he is in suit

23-He was not raised by his parent so he did not have any proper guidance

24-He actually joined the demon slayer corps for grandpa to get revenge

he will marry Nezuko and start a family

26-Zenitsu name comes in 2nd place in the first popularity poll after that he got first place in the second popularity poll

  • He has immense respect for Tanjiro

27-The apple of his eye was struck by lightening and his hair color changed

28-His Teacher Committed Suicide because his student became a demon

  • Zenitsu sense of hearing is extremely accurate

29-Zenitsu height is approx 146.5 cm with a 58 kg weight

30-Zenitsu is a slow learner and he is very loyal to his teacher, he can fight while being unconscious

  • He can defeat demon way above his league
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