50 Things About Princess Rapunzel That You Didn’t Know

List of Princess Rapunzel Facts:-

Rapunzel is a fictional character in the Disney movie “Tangled.”

Rapunzel was born a princess but was stolen as a baby by an evil witch named Mother Gothel.

Mother Gothel kept Rapunzel in a tower for eighteen years, pretending to be her mother, in order to use her magical hair.

Rapunzel’s hair is over 70 feet long and has magical healing powers.

Rapunzel is an excellent painter and has decorated her tower with her artwork.

Rapunzel is voiced by actress Mandy Moore in the movie.

The original story of Rapunzel was written by the Brothers Grimm in 1812.

In the original story, Rapunzel’s hair was not magical but was used by the prince to climb up the tower to see her.

Rapunzel’s name comes from the German word “Rapunzel,” which means “a type of vegetable” or “little salad.”

Rapunzel’s character was inspired by the fairy tale “Rapunzel” and the painting “The Swing” by Jean-Honoré Fragonard.

Rapunzel’s best friend and love interest in the movie is Flynn Rider, who is also known as Eugene Fitzherbert.

Rapunzel is a skilled cook and can make her own hazelnut soup.

Rapunzel’s dress in the movie is made up of more than 20 layers of computer-generated fabric.

Rapunzel’s hair was created using a new technology called Dynamic Wires, which allowed the animators to create realistic hair movement.

Rapunzel’s pet chameleon’s name is Pascal, and he changes color depending on his mood.

Rapunzel is left-handed, as seen when she signs her name in the movie.

Rapunzel’s favorite color is yellow.

Rapunzel’s birthday is October 18th.

Rapunzel is barefoot for most of the movie because she has never worn shoes before.

Rapunzel has a fear of boats, which stems from her fear of water, as she has never seen a large body of water before leaving her tower.

Rapunzel’s hair is strong enough to support the weight of multiple people, as seen in the movie.

Rapunzel’s kingdom is called Corona.

Rapunzel’s father is the King of Corona.

Rapunzel’s mother is the Queen of Corona and is voiced by actress Donna Murphy.

Rapunzel’s hair was cut at the end of the movie to save Flynn’s life and ended up turning brown instead of blonde.

Rapunzel and Flynn have a short cameo appearance in the Disney movie “Frozen.”

Rapunzel and Flynn have a wedding in the short film “Tangled Ever After.”

Rapunzel has a special cameo appearance in the Disney movie “Ralph Breaks the Internet.”

Rapunzel is the only Disney Princess with magical hair.

Rapunzel’s movie “Tangled” was a commercial and critical success, grossing over $591 million worldwide and receiving positive reviews from critics.

Rapunzel’s hair is so long that it takes five hours to braid.

Rapunzel’s hair is made of 100,000 individual strands in the movie.

Rapunzel’s dress in the movie was designed to be reminiscent of the Rococo period in France.

Rapunzel’s hair color was originally going to be black in early concept art.

Rapunzel’s tower in the movie is 70 feet tall, which is the same length as her hair.

Rapunzel’s tower has no stairs, so she must use her hair to climb up and down.

Rapunzel’s voice actress Mandy Moore had to learn how to sing in a different style for the movie’s musical numbers.

Rapunzel is one of the few Disney Princesses to have a living biological parent in the movie.

Rapunzel’s parents have a cameo in the movie when they release lanterns into the sky on her birthday.

Rapunzel’s hair glows when she sings due to its magical properties.

Rapunzel’s dress has a hidden Mickey Mouse symbol on it.

Rapunzel’s hair was originally supposed to be made of vines, but the animators changed it to hair to make her more relatable.

Rapunzel is known for her catchphrase “Best day ever!”

Rapunzel’s tower has a secret passage that leads to a hidden room full of her artwork and belongings.

Rapunzel’s parents are named Frederic and Arianna.

Rapunzel’s real age in the movie is 18, but she technically lived for 18 years in her tower before leaving.

Rapunzel’s frying pan is her weapon of choice in the movie.

Rapunzel’s mother was originally going to be named Rapunzel in early drafts of the movie.

Rapunzel’s hair was originally going to be cut at the end of the first act of the movie, but the writers decided to save it for the end.

Rapunzel’s hair was inspired by the fairy tale “Rapunzel” and the myth of Samson from the Bible.

Rapunzel’s hair changes color based on her emotions in the movie.

Rapunzel’s hair is so long that it would weigh around 63 pounds if it were real.

Rapunzel’s character was initially going to be more tomboyish and rebellious in early drafts of the movie.

Rapunzel is one of the few Disney Princesses to have green eyes.

Rapunzel’s character is partially based on the myth of Persephone, who was also kidnapped by an evil god and forced to stay in a tower.

Rapunzel’s character was also inspired by the fairy tale “Rapunzel” and the painting “Lady and the Unicorn.”

Rapunzel’s hair was used as a weapon to defeat the villain Mother Gothel in the movie.

Rapunzel’s character is known for her optimism and positive attitude.

Rapunzel’s character was also inspired by the paintings of John William Waterhouse, which often featured women with long hair.

Rapunzel’s character has become a popular Disney Princess and is often featured in merchandise and theme park attractions.

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