Top 40 Strongest Anime Villains Ranked

Here we Will Show You Top 40 Strongest Anime Villains Ranked, and I also Included top anime villains 2021 and best anime villains names I hope You Will Like This.

40-Alexander Anderson(hellsing)
Alexander Anderson(hellsing)
  • he has qualified and capable of destroying a small building
  • Alexander Anderson as a character. Surprisingly serious for a character & laughs loudly and funny. As a Protestant I so discovered his love for Jesus & righteousness motivating.
39-Muzan Kibutsuji(kimetsu no Yaiba)
Muzan Kibutsuji(kimetsu no Yaiba)
  • Muzan has capability multi-city blocks level incomparably stronger than the upper moons
38-Kars(Jojo’s bizarre adventure)
Kars(jojo's bizarre adventure)

  • So Kars can shift his hand or any other body parts into living things And he shifted some of his wings into piranhas
  • he has Capability multi-city block level+ his Hamon was a hundred times stronger than joseph

Top Anime Villains

37-Yuujiro Hanna (Baki)-
Yuujiro hanma (baki)

  • the Fantastic thing is he has Town level causally stopped an earthquake with a punch
  • It’s Yujiro Hanma…he’s directly the most powerful being on Earth by a LONG shot. Well, maybe Yuchiro is a little stronger but we don’t really know for sure. Baki ultimately ends up “winning” against him finally but he’s unchallenged by directly everyone other than a true Hanma.
  • Actually, I think he just lets Baki win eventually to make the kid happy, he’s described as an asshole who cares for nothing but himself and getting more powerful but he loves his son…more so than he does Jack.
  • He has the capability to easily destroy a city
  • Utsuro is one of the finest villains because he also works as a superb mirror into the personality of Gintoki and Oboro as well as katsura and Takaksgui

Top Anime Villains

35-All for one(my hero academia)
All for one(my hero academia)

The thing that terrified me the most was that he isn’t levitating as every superhero does. He is levitating almost like a hanged man.

  • He has the capability of a large mountain level to blow away an entire city in his fight with nana Shimura

He has capable mountain level+ Netero’s attacks didn’t inflict significant damage on him

  • The author himself suggests that Frieza’s cell and Buu are his motivation for Meruem. Killing his partners w/o hesitation, mainly using his tail, always desires to be the king of kings, malice, and ruthlessness are from Freeza. Then the cell is always desiring strength and power. Buu for having admiration with some human(satan) and his dog

He has Capability mountain level+ his attack ignores durability

  • Femto had tremendous strength the moment he was taken into creation before anyone considered in him or knew of his presence.
  • So actually if we say he’s more helpless if no one believes in him, he’ll at least be as powerful as he was at the eclipse upon being reborn. Which is… Still too emphatic

Top Anime Villains

32-Asura-(soul eater)

He has Capability Island level Overpowered all of the protagonists at once

  • Asura doesn’t admit (nor does anyone else in this anime) that nervousness isn’t a bad thing. Fear keeps us safe by triggering our fight or flight reaction, and holds our society together by keeping us from doing the careless and dangerous; playing chicken on the road or something worse. I don’t like how the media ever seems to demonize worry. To those who read this.

He has capable country-level comparable to the other Yonko

  • pretty confident Kaido’s moniker as a “creature” simply comes from his power being considered inhuman, and his nature is really monstrous. Whitebeard was the strongest man on the earth because he maintained his humanity and was an appealing cool dude. Kaido is just a straight-up figurative beast. As wild as they come.
  • Fun fact: Kaido is an motivation from geek mythology Typhon(Father of all monster) because Kaido is “king of the beast” and he actually makes devil fruit make him as like father, and typhoon gets beaten by lighting from Zeus, so I can see a similarity here

Top Anime Villains

30-demon king(seven deadly sins)
demon king(seven deadly sins)

He was able with the goddess to seal the creature that created the planet

  • I think if the demon king leaves the demon empire the supreme deity will beat it and it will go the same if the supreme deity exits the heavens
  • we know why They chose the earth kingdom to fight, they were fighting over the huge mystical pool that was present in Britain.
29-Lucifero(black lover)
Lucifero(black vlover)

He has Capability country-level in half manifested state

  • the fact that Lucifero simply emerged out of nowhere in a blink of an eye, straight next to Asta. That would scare anyone. Asta probably did not even feel Lucifero’s ki.

28-Esdeath(Akame ga kill)
esdeath(akame ga kill)

He has Capability at multi-continent level with active ice storm commander-in-chief

  • Esdeath is surely one of the most Badass anime characters that I’ve ever seen
  • Esdeath- the leading-tier powerful, beautiful, cool, hot alpha female character She is the reason I’m into these alpha female characters in anime

Top Anime Villains

27-Zeref Dragneel(fairy Tail)
Zeref Dragneel(fairy Tail)

He has the Capability capable of destroying a multi-continent


He didn’t obtain relaxation for all mankind, in fact, he dominated peace, when he built falcon, made it the only place with harmony in the world dooming everyone who is not in his Kingdom

  • Griffith’s story is that of a man of tremendous will believing he understands what he wants, only for him to surrender what he truly wanted to acquire his original goal.
25-Acnologia(fairy tail)
Acnologia(fairy tail)

-He has Capability multi-continent level stated to be the strongest character in the original series

  • In all, the fact of the matter was Acnologia was so crushed, traumatized, angry, and in pain that even though he never accepted it, he wanted to die, but never could bring himself to put his own life to an end and thus held looking for battles with strong opponents everywhere he went as a means of trying to find somebody strong sufficiently to kill him.

Madara was truly a great villain. I do think the Zetsu backstab was stupid and kind of ruined it but was still good I guess.

  • I think if they said and hyped up hashirama and Madara(Madara at the least) then It would’ve made the fourth shinobi war way more satisfying and I think Masashi Kishimoto wouldn’t even feel like he needed Kaguya.

Top Anime Villains

23-Isshiki Otsutsuki(boruto)
Isshiki Otsutsuki(boruto)

He has Capability is likely a small planet level

  • He was probably the strongest character in the Series, specifically since we didn’t see him at the extreme of his ability. I wonder how Kaguya was able to dominate him in his original body.
  • If Kaguya betrayed Isshiki when they came to earth thousands of years ago, how come Jigens’ bodies can live above 100 years old but not be powerful enough to bear Isshiki’s power?
22-Boros(one punch man)
Boros(one punch man)

He has the Capability of small planet level with collapsing star roaring Cannon

  • my interpretation of this is that the individual was of Boro’s species and these seal protectors are composed of the most powerful beings from throughout the galaxy.
  • I mean it’s already established Saitama is holding back and won’t kill Garro, and Garro is already approaching his greatest strength and is doing basically nothing to him this fight is already destroyed.
21-Garou(one punch man)
Garou(one punch man)

He has the Capability of small planet level stronger than Boros in close combat

  • Garou is literally a motivation for the people who go against the grain. He is also the finest example of being created differently.
  • Garou is a man of pure determination someone who would rather be anxious and hated than is a humiliating pushover.
20-Zeuse(record of tagnarok)
Zeuse(record of tagnarok

– He has the Capability planet level could potentially destroy haven in his Adamas from

  • Zeus can destroy the heavens well in dragon ball heaven or another world is as big as the galaxy and that Zeus can tank the Big Bang and he has the fist that surpasses time which is like it’s time skip so with all my calculations I could say he is kid but level power(my opinion)

Top Anime Villains

19-Sosuke Aizen(bleach)
Sosuke Aizen(bleach)

-large planet level is one of the strongest in the entire verse\

  • Aizen was an awesome villain for Bleach. He was numerous steps ahead of everyone in Soul Society and acquired many off guards with his brilliance. He thought he knew everything and prepared perfectly but he never really designed for dealing with Ichigo.
  • Aizen may have a gigantic god complex but what truly made him was the forbidden knowledge of Soul Society’s origins and the ancestor’s great sin with the Spirit King. He sure played everyone masterfully, and complacency and ancient tradition did the rest.

Top Anime Villains

18-God-(one punch man)
God-(one punch man)

possibly capable of destroying the large planet

  • God grants energy orb powers, I have to wonder. Is Homeless Emperor actually a monster? Or is he a human that happens to have superhuman abilities? Just like Psychos.
  • I genuinely think God is after humanity because one of them failed their limiter, something he imposed on humans to confirm they will never threaten his power, and so his ego won’t have to sorrow by having another being out there that can rival his ability. That’s why he’s gifting monsters and humans (homeless emperors) the power to wipe out humankind. Essentially he feels endangered and offended.

17-Father(Fullmetal alchemist)
Father(fullmental alchemist)

-He has Capability star level and stated that he could create planets

  • Father becomes a much more satisfactory villain when you realize that all the homunculus are parts of his personality. When you think of all of them as one being sooner than eight different ones.

large star level capable of punching away acacia away with great force

  • how ridiculously strong these guys are.. they are beyond crazy effective… then we get a peek of a fraction of the white demon, and you can sense a completely whole other world of POWER in him.
  • I cannot fathom the limits of the white Oni. Then I shut my eyes a moment and try to visualize the 4 gourmet gods, who are EVEN more powerful than the white Oni… I literally can’t describe that power and their capacity with words.

15-Asakura Hao(shaman King)
Asakura Hao(shaman King)

-Universal level generated a supernova and subsequently a black hole as the technique

  • Hao is the only antagonist character who acts truly like a villain no long talking, mercy, hesitation, just pure kill.
  • Hao is a very well-designed old-school villain. No continuous ranting, no mindlessly looking down on opponents, not hesitating to kill, definitely powerful (Nakama power is senseless). Cruel and straight to the point, making his existence always endangering and unpredictable.
14-Enrico Pucci(Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)
Enrico Pucci(Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)

universal level+ Environmental Destruction through Universal reset

  • What I really like about Pucci is how he is utilizing a psychological technique called Grounding to calm himself down, doing easy math work can actually help you organize yourself,
  • the focus of the technique is to “ground” yourself back to actuality as you assure yourself of real information, works well if you use your five senses for it too.

He has Capability Universal level+ Through a Chain Reaction

  • Yhwach is so powerful he controlled the whole fandom from noticing what Ichigo’s Bankai can even do his power to choose outcomes was determined by the range of all possible results he could see at the moment he used his capacity. Aizen’s power to cloud that vision is also a good indicator that his human mind is the hard limit on what he can do. What’s worse, it isn’t that amazing of a mind. The man robbed everything he had, never fought for or earned it.

12-Yuuko Kagurazaka wn(tensura)
Yuuko Kagurazaka wn(tensura)

-universal level+ with gluttonous king Beelzebub

  • Yuki is the character who obtained killed on earth and got rejected like Rimuru and became very very strong as we see something similar in more animes like this: the main character got recanted and became the most powerful one
  • I think Yuki is like the MC in most Isekais he does what he wants, and everything goes as he designs plans in a really fast time.
11-Frieza(dragonball super)-
Frieza(dragonball super)

He has Capability Universal level+

  • Frieza would have killed Goku and Vegeta on the spot. But it seems like Frieza has developed to admire Goku and Vegeta a little.
  • The portion of leniency Goku has shown Frieza in their encounters has to have stroked off on Frieza. Goku is all about getting stronger and that’s his primary goal. I don’t think Frieza will ever be an ally, but I think there’s some sort of admiration there. I think we need to see what Frieza’s plan is
10-Jiren(dragon ball super)
Jiren(dragon ball super)

universal level+ the most powerful opponent Universal 7 has ever Faced

  • Jiren was one of my favorite antagonists because he describes a side of Goku that he finished the entirety of Super overcoming. Goku had a goal of becoming the most powerful, fighting the most effectively,
  • and a lot of times he didn’t care what had to occur for him to get stronger so long as he did it himself. He didn’t like holding to use the power of other people, even given willingly to combat Beerus in the Battle of Gods.

9-Heaven Ascension DIO(Jojo’s bizarre Adventure)
Heaven Ascension DIO(jojo's bizarre Adventure)

– he has capability universal level+ with reality Overwrite

  • There’s a great weak point though, he requires to punch the thing he desires to rewrite or feel it with his hands. Jotaro uses the gear of the DIO’s body from part 3 against this DIO and it injures his arms. Provoking his Over Heaven Ability to nothing.
8-Altair(Re: Creator)
Altair(Re: Creator)

– He has Capability Universal level+ Capable of the generation and erasing a universal with minimal effort

7-Sailor Galazia(Sailor Moon)
Sailor Galazia(sailor Moon)

-He has Capability Universal level+ is able to ignore durability and destroy an enemy by manipulating their essence

  • love how Galaxia is like “Yeah she’s the Moon Princess that’s how she can do this, she has one of the numerous powerful star seeds” then flicks her like that means nothing to her
  • Sailor Moon is somewhat of a mystery in some respects. The fact she was born without her star seed the Silver Crystal makes her unique compared to the other Sailor Guardians. Taking her star seed won’t simply kill her, because she can live without it. It’s likely that her power comes from the Moon itself and the Silver Crystal is just a conduit toward that energy.
6-Hades(Saint Seiya)
Dades(saint Seiya)

Low multiverse level created hell the hyperdimensional and Elysium and sustained them through his will

  • Saint Seiya is one of the biggest anime In the 1980s. It would become the motivation for future series and movies, including several Gundam series.
5-Azi Dahaka(Mondaiji)
Azi Dahaka(Mondaiji)

He has the Capability of multiverse level+ superior to most 3- digit gods and Izayoi

4-Lord of Nightmares(slayers)
Lord of Nightmares(slayers)

-He has Capability beyond space and time, matter and energy beginning and end existence and non-existence chaos and emptiness

  • he wanted the Lord of Nightmare’s power, but he never thought she would straight channel herself into anyone who launched a spell that called on her. And since nothing can harm her, he didn’t have a prayer



-He has the Capability of complex multiverse level having access to the power of the source he ascended and surpassed the stellar parameters

  • So it seems as though Gil can handle the speed at which he launches his prizes because the first weapon didn’t cause a blast but the others did.
  • I honestly love how like 60% of Gilgamesh’s inspiration when he’s first summoned is essential “if this Holy Grail thing is so cool it likely belongs to me and you all don’t get to feel my shit, you got that?”

2-The anti Spiral(Gurren Lagann)
The anti Spiral(Gurren Lagann)

He has the Capability of High Complex Multiverse level and can easily manipulate the multiverse

Judge on the power of Anti spiral he could have killed them all if he desired to but the author wanted Simon to win as well as Simon had a spiral nemesis. And isn’t it weird that Anti spiral destroyed only two universes?

Top Anime Villains

1-Featherine Augustus Aurora(07th Expansion)
Featherine Augustus Aurora(07th Expansion)

-She represents a global unconscious force that literally underlies the universe: differs from god only in the presence of will

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