Top 10 Strongest Mulan Characters, Ranked

In the heart of ancient China, where courage and Rank Strongest Mulan Characters honor are paramount, Disney’s Mulan unfolds an epic story of bravery, resilience, and empowerment. Amidst the backdrop of a war-torn kingdom, Mulan, a young woman disguised as a warrior, emerges as a symbol of strength and determination. Yet, she is not the only formidable character within this legendary tale. From legendary generals and fierce warriors to wise mentors and cunning villains, Mulan’s world is teeming with characters of diverse abilities and strengths.

List of Strongest Mulan Characters, Ranked

10. Grandmother Fa

Wise and Supportive: Grandmother Fa is a wise and supportive character who plays the role of a mentor and confidante to Mulan.

Spiritual Beliefs: She possesses spiritual beliefs and often consults her lucky cricket, Cri-Kee, for guidance and omens.

Comic Relief: Grandmother Fa provides comic relief in the film through her humorous and eccentric personality.

Strength in Wisdom: While not physically strong, Grandmother Fa’s strength lies in her wisdom and emotional support for Mulan. She encourages her granddaughter to follow her heart and be true to herself.

9. Chien-Po

Physical Strength: Chien-Po is one of Mulan’s fellow soldiers and is known for his enormous physical strength and impressive martial arts skills.

Gentle Giant: Despite his imposing stature, Chien-Po is gentle, kind-hearted, and often shown as being sensitive and compassionate.

Friendship and Loyalty: Chien-Po, along with Yao and Ling, forms a strong bond with Mulan during their time in the army. He demonstrates unwavering loyalty to his friends.

Team Player: Chien-Po is a valuable member of the group, using his strength to assist in various challenges faced by the soldiers.

8. Ling

Soldier in Training: Ling is one of Mulan’s fellow soldiers in the Chinese army. He is portrayed as a recruit still learning the ropes of being a soldier.

Lighthearted and Playful: Ling has a lighthearted and playful personality. He often engages in banter and humor with his comrades, contributing to the camaraderie among the soldiers.

Supportive Friend: Ling, along with Yao and Chien-Po, forms a close bond with Mulan during their time in the army. He is supportive of her, even when her true identity is revealed.

Skilled Archer: Ling is skilled in archery and uses his skills during battles and training exercises.

7. Yao

Soldier with a Short Temper: Yao is another of Mulan’s fellow soldiers and is known for his short temper and aggressive demeanor.

Loyal and Protective: Despite his gruff exterior, Yao is loyal to his comrades and is protective of them. He forms a strong friendship with Mulan and the other soldiers.

Skilled Fighter: Yao is a skilled fighter who excels in hand-to-hand combat. His physical prowess makes him a formidable presence on the battlefield.

Comic Relief: Yao, like the other soldiers, provides comic relief through his interactions and humorous moments. His tough exterior often contrasts with moments of vulnerability.

6. Fa Li (Mulan’s mother)

Caring and Supportive: Fa Li is Mulan’s mother and is portrayed as a caring and supportive figure in her life. She is concerned for Mulan’s well-being and future.

Traditional Values: Fa Li adheres to traditional values and expectations for her daughter, hoping that Mulan will bring honor to the family through a good marriage.

Love for Her Daughter: Despite her adherence to tradition, Fa Li deeply loves her daughter and is willing to stand by her side, especially when Mulan’s actions challenge societal norms.

5. Shan Yu

Primary Antagonist: Shan Yu is the film’s primary antagonist, the leader of the invading Hun army. He seeks to conquer China and is a ruthless and formidable foe.

Destructive Ambition: Shan Yu is driven by a thirst for power and conquest. He shows no mercy and is willing to go to great lengths to achieve his goals.

Physical Strength: Shan Yu possesses considerable physical strength and combat skills, making him a formidable adversary in battle.

Symbol of Conflict: Shan Yu represents the external threat that China faces and the need for heroes like Mulan to protect the country.

4. Fa Zhou (Mulan’s father)

Respected Patriarch: Fa Zhou is the respected patriarch of the Fa family. He is known for his wisdom and sense of duty.

Traditional Values: Fa Zhou upholds traditional values and expectations for his family. He initially struggles with the fact that Mulan doesn’t conform to societal norms.

Love for His Daughter: Despite his initial concerns, Fa Zhou deeply loves his daughter, Mulan. He acknowledges her bravery and sacrifices and ultimately supports her decision to join the army.

Strength in Character: Fa Zhou’s strength lies in his character and the lessons he imparts to Mulan about honor, courage, and the importance of staying true to oneself.

3. Li Shang

Mulan’s Commander: Li Shang is the young captain of the Chinese army and is tasked with training and leading his soldiers.

Disciplined and Dedicated: Li Shang is disciplined, dedicated, and determined to mold his soldiers into capable warriors. He values honor and discipline in the military.

Character Growth: Throughout the film, Li Shang undergoes character growth. He initially sees himself as solely responsible for the soldiers’ performance but later learns to value teamwork and individual strengths.

Respect and Friendship: Li Shang comes to respect Mulan and eventually forms a deep friendship with her, unaware of her true identity as a woman.

2. Mushu

Guardian Spirit: Mushu is a tiny, wise-cracking, and comedic guardian spirit sent by the ancestors to watch over Mulan.

Comic Relief: Mushu serves as one of the primary sources of comic relief in the film. His humorous antics and witty one-liners provide levity in intense moments.

Character Growth: Despite his initial self-centeredness and desire to regain his status as a guardian, Mushu undergoes character growth and becomes genuinely devoted to Mulan’s cause.

Supportive Ally: As Mulan’s sidekick, Mushu provides support and guidance throughout her journey, helping her navigate difficult situations.

1. Mulan (Ping)

Protagonist: Mulan is the film’s protagonist. She takes on the persona of “Ping,” a male soldier, to join the Chinese army in her father’s place.

Courageous and Determined: Mulan is characterized by her courage, determination, and resilience. She is willing to defy tradition and risk everything to protect her family and country.

Character Growth: Mulan’s character undergoes significant growth as she learns about the value of honor, leadership, and self-acceptance during her time in the army.

Gender Identity: The character of Mulan (Ping) explores themes of gender identity and the challenges faced by a woman who defies societal expectations.

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