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List of Thorkell facts:-

Thorkell is a character from the manga and anime series Vinland Saga.

He is a tall and muscular man with long blonde hair and a distinctive beard.

Thorkell is known for his love of fighting and his immense strength, which make him a fearsome opponent.

He is one of the main antagonists in the series, but his character is complex and he often switches sides.

Thorkell is originally from Jutland, Denmark, and is a member of the Jomsvikings, an elite group of Viking warriors.

He is a skilled fighter and is known for his axe-wielding abilities.

Thorkell is also a bit of a prankster and enjoys teasing his fellow warriors.

He has a soft spot for children and is known to be protective of them.

Thorkell’s loyalty is primarily to whoever he thinks is the strongest, rather than to any particular cause or leader.

He is often shown to be reckless and impulsive, but he is also a strategic thinker.

Thorkell has a deep respect for those who are skilled in battle, regardless of which side they are on.

He is a bit of a hedonist and enjoys drinking, feasting, and women.

Thorkell is a Norse pagan and is shown to have a deep reverence for the gods.

He is particularly fond of Thor, the god of thunder and strength.

Thorkell has a rivalry with the protagonist of the series, Thorfinn, who he sees as a promising warrior and potential opponent.

Despite this rivalry, Thorkell develops a grudging respect for Thorfinn and even saves his life on a few occasions.

Thorkell is married to a woman named Ylva, who is also a member of the Jomsvikings.

They have a son together named Ragnar, who is also a skilled warrior.

Thorkell is known for his sense of humor and his tendency to make light of serious situations.

He is also shown to be fiercely loyal to his comrades and will go to great lengths to protect them.

Thorkell is a character who loves life and enjoys living it to the fullest, even in the midst of battle.

He has a deep love for his homeland and is fiercely protective of it.

Thorkell is shown to be a skilled strategist and often comes up with unexpected and creative battle plans.

He is also a bit of a philosopher and enjoys discussing the nature of war and conflict.

Thorkell is a formidable opponent in battle and is feared by many.

He is shown to be able to take on multiple opponents at once and still come out on top.

Thorkell is also known for his endurance and is able to keep fighting even after sustaining serious injuries.

He is a character who values honor and will not resort to underhanded tactics to win a battle.

Thorkell is a complex character who is both a fearsome warrior and a lovable goofball.

His character adds depth and humor to the series and makes him a fan favorite.

Thorkell is often referred to as “Thorkell the Tall” due to his imposing stature.

He is shown to be a skilled horseman and enjoys riding in battle.

Thorkell has a distinctive laugh that is often heard during battle.

He is known to be a heavy drinker and can consume large quantities of alcohol without getting drunk.

Thorkell is shown to be able to speak several languages, including Old Norse, Danish, and English.

He has a deep respect for the natural world and is shown to enjoy spending time in nature.

Thorkell is a skilled sailor and enjoys being out at sea.

He has a large scar on his forehead, which he received during a battle.

Thorkell is shown to have a sense of honor and will not attack unarmed or defenseless opponents.

He has a unique fighting style that involves using his size and strength to overpower his opponents.

Thorkell has a jovial personality and enjoys making jokes and teasing his comrades.

He is shown to be a skilled wrestler and often engages in wrestling matches with other warriors.

Thorkell is a father figure to many of the younger warriors in the Jomsvikings.

He has a deep respect for his fellow warriors and is shown to be saddened when they are killed in battle.

Thorkell is a skilled blacksmith and enjoys working with metal.

He is shown to be able to create intricate weapons and armor.

Thorkell is a skilled musician and enjoys playing the lyre.

He has a deep understanding of the sea and is able to navigate it with ease.

Thorkell is shown to be able to hold his own in debates and philosophical discussions.

He is a character who values strength above all else and is always looking for a challenge.

Thorkell is a skilled hunter and enjoys tracking game in the wilderness.

He has a deep love for his family and will do anything to protect them.

Thorkell is shown to be able to inspire loyalty in his fellow warriors and is often looked up to as a leader.

He is a character who enjoys taking risks and is willing to put himself in danger for the sake of a good fight.

Thorkell is a complex character who is neither purely good nor evil.

He is shown to have a code of honor that he adheres to, even when it puts him at a disadvantage.

Thorkell is a character who evolves throughout the series and becomes more nuanced as his backstory is revealed.

He is a character who enjoys life to the fullest and is not afraid to take risks.

Thorkell is a character who represents the Viking ethos of strength, courage, and honor.

He is a memorable character who adds depth and complexity to the world of Vinland Saga.


Q: Is Thorkell evil?

A: Thorkell the Tall, a character from Vinland Saga, is depicted as a fierce and violent warrior. While he enjoys battle and has a bloodthirsty nature, whether he is considered “evil” is subjective. Thorkell’s actions and motivations are complex, and his morality can be interpreted differently by different viewers.

Q: Where is Thorkell from?

A: Thorkell is originally from Jutland, which is a historical region in present-day Denmark.

Q: What happened to Thorkell in Vinland Saga?

A: In Vinland Saga, Thorkell’s storyline involves various battles and conflicts. To avoid spoilers, I won’t provide specific details about what happens to him throughout the series. I recommend watching or reading Vinland Saga to find out more.

Q: Was Thorkell a real person?

A: Thorkell the Tall is based on a historical figure named Thorkell the Tall, who was a legendary Viking warrior. However, the portrayal of Thorkell in Vinland Saga includes fictional elements and adaptations.

Q: How tall is Thorkell?

A: Thorkell is known as “Thorkell the Tall” due to his impressive height. While his exact height is not specified, he is depicted as significantly taller than the average person in the series. he would be depicted as significantly taller than the average person, potentially surpassing heights of 7 feet (213 cm)

Q: How does Thorkell know Thors?

A: Thorkell and Thors were both warriors who fought in the same battles and were acquainted with each other. The specifics of their relationship may be further explored in Vinland Saga.

Q: Thorkell’s wife?

A: Thorkell’s wife is not mentioned in the Vinland Saga series.

Q: Is Thorkell related to Thorfinn?

A: Thorkell is not directly related to Thorfinn, the main protagonist of Vinland Saga. However, their paths cross and they become involved in each other’s journeys throughout the series.

Q: Who kills Thorkell?

A: To avoid spoilers, I won’t provide specific information about Thorkell’s fate in the series. It’s best to watch or read Vinland Saga to discover what happens to him.

Q: How old is Thorkell?

A: Thorkell’s age is not explicitly stated in Vinland Saga. However, based on his appearance and experience as a seasoned warrior, he is portrayed as being older than the main characters in the series.

Q: Thorkell’s weakness?

A: Thorkell is an extremely formidable warrior with few apparent weaknesses. His love for battle and combat can be considered a personal trait rather than a weakness in terms of his strength in combat.

Q: “Thorkell, I love war.”

A: This phrase “Thorkell, I love war” is a notable line that showcases Thorkell’s passion and enjoyment for battle. It reflects his character’s desire for conflict and the thrill of combat.

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