30 Things You Didn’t Know About Doma

1-Doma name contains the Onyomi reading of the kanji for children and polish enhance

2-He believes that he is protecting people by devouring them

  • DOMA rejects human values

3-Doma himself is described as the Gyalwa Karmapa the leading figure who teaches all to attain enlightenment

4-This leads back to Doma’s entire blood demon art techniques belong centered around the teachings and practices of the Karma Kagyu

He was born with an exceptional eye color

5-When Douma was 20 years old Muzan turned him into a demon

6-His parents thought he was exceptional and could hear the voices of the gods

7-Muzan really liked Doma despite his loyalty and worship of him

8-He also made Muzan the figure of worship within his paradise faith cult

9-After Kotoha stumbled into his temple, Doma grew fond of her beauty and singing He originally never intended to eat her as he enjoyed her company

10-Akaza hates Doma because he became the two upper moon and Akaza has never defeated him in a blood battle

11-His mother killed his father for cheating on her and then poisoned herself

  • demonic age of Doma is approx 133 years old

12-Over a century ago, Doma was the sixth upper moon & he had almost everything except for love

  • so he tried to play a childish game of love

13-The first emotion he experienced was falling in love with Shinobu Kocho & Doma believed that there is nothing after death

  • he likes to devour young girls
  • Doma is a lover of physical pain
Doma had a terrible habit of sticking his finger into the skull

14-he put the woman’s freshly severed head in the vase that Gyokko give to him and used it as decoration in his room

15-he regrets that he couldn’t finish devouring Kanae because the sun came up

16-His mannerisms and expression don’t match his words and Doma’s voice actor is Mamoru Miyano

17-Smoking a water pipe dancing and talking sake bath are some of his favorite pastimes

18-He is an example of true demon pure evil

19-He was born with remarkable rainbow eyes & his parent claimed Doma heard god’s voices

  • People worshiped him like a god

20-The Paradism faith religion was created around him and his parent used him as a mere tool to gain fame and power

21-He greatly lacked any emotional support and he thought all adults are crazy

22-He evolved into a demon when he lived 20 years old and he was emotionless even before becoming a demon

Inosuke’s mother was the victim of doma
  • He fell in love with Shinobu

23-Doma and Akaza have opposite personalities and he likes collecting women’s body parts

  • Doma regretted not eating Shinobu’s older sister
  • As a child, he has to carry the burden of his followers

24-Doma prefers killing women over men and he tries to act normally in social situations

Most of them don’t know that doma was born naturally In Demon Form

25-He made Gyutaro and Daki demons and gave a second life to survive

26-He was born with a rainbow-colored eye and he has the ability to completely absorb or devour an entire human body

  • He is exceptionally skilled in tessenjutsu

27-His blood demon art allows him art allow him to generate or manipulate ice and frost from his flesh and blood

28-He can create special ice power that can suck human blood and cause their cells to slowly dies

29-He has extraordinary movement speed being able to move immensely faster than the eye can process

30-The Successive fan attacks that generate ice shards to slice the enemy into pieces

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