50 Things That You Didn’t Know About Armin Arlert

List of Armin Arlert facts:-

Armin Arlert is a fictional character from the manga and anime series Attack on Titan.

He is a member of the Survey Corps, a military organization tasked with defending humanity from the Titans.

Armin was born on November 3rd and is currently 19 years old.

He is known for his intelligence and strategic thinking, and is often relied upon for his knowledge and insight.

Armin is also known for his bravery and selflessness, often putting himself in danger to protect his comrades.

He is 170 cm (5’7″) tall and weighs 63 kg (139 lbs).

Armin has blonde hair and blue eyes.

He is often seen wearing a white shirt, green jacket, and brown pants.

Armin’s voice actor in the anime is Marina Inoue.

In the manga and anime, Armin is childhood friends with Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman.

Armin’s parents were merchants, and he grew up in the Shiganshina District.

Armin’s grandfather was a famous writer who wrote books about the world outside the walls.

Armin is often described as a dreamer and idealist, with a strong desire to explore the world beyond the walls.

Armin’s intelligence and curiosity often lead him to ask difficult questions and challenge authority.

Armin’s intelligence was recognized early on by his teachers, who encouraged him to pursue higher education.

Armin’s dream is to one day see the ocean, which he believes lies beyond the walls.

Armin is a skilled strategist and tactician, often coming up with plans to defeat the Titans.

Armin has a strong sense of justice and believes in fighting for what is right.

Armin is deeply affected by the deaths of his comrades, often feeling guilt and questioning his own abilities.

Armin is one of the few characters in Attack on Titan who has not killed a human.

Armin’s Titan form, the Colossal Titan, is one of the largest Titans, standing at 60 meters tall.

Armin gained the power to become the Colossal Titan after injecting himself with a serum.

Armin’s transformation into the Colossal Titan causes a massive explosion and releases an intense amount of heat.

Armin’s transformation into the Colossal Titan requires a significant amount of energy and can only be sustained for a short period of time.

Armin is one of the few characters in Attack on Titan who is able to speak the language of the Titans.

Armin’s friendship with Eren and Mikasa is one of the most important relationships in the series.

Armin is often seen as the voice of reason and morality in the series.

Armin’s intelligence and bravery are admired by many of his comrades, including Captain Levi and Commander Erwin.

Armin’s character has been praised for its depth and complexity, with many fans considering him to be one of the most interesting characters in the series.

Armin’s name is a variant of the name “Hermann,” which means “soldier” in German.

Armin’s last name, Arlert, is of German origin and means “noble” or “honorable.”

Armin’s birthday falls under the zodiac sign of Scorpio.

Armin is left-handed.

Armin’s favorite food is fish, which he says reminds him of the sea.

Armin’s favorite book is “The Adventures of Cheddar and Camembert,” a children’s book he used to read with Eren and Mikasa.

Armin is an excellent reader and has read many books about the world outside the walls.

Armin has a talent for sketching and drawing, and often sketches plans and ideas for his missions.

Armin is often seen wearing a white scarf, which was given to him by his mother.

Armin’s voice actor, Marina Inoue, also voiced another popular anime character, Yoko Littner from Gurren Lagann.

Armin is the shortest member of the main trio, with Eren and Mikasa being taller.

Armin has a fear of Titans, which he overcomes through his dedication to protecting humanity.

Armin’s intelligence often puts him at odds with more impulsive characters, such as Eren.

Armin has a strong sense of empathy and is deeply affected by the suffering of others.

Armin’s intelligence and curiosity sometimes make him appear aloof or distant to his comrades.

Armin’s strategic thinking often involves sacrificing himself or others for the greater good.

Armin’s Colossal Titan form has the ability to release steam, which can be used to disorient and blind opponents.

Armin’s Colossal Titan form is also able to regenerate quickly, making him difficult to defeat.

Armin’s strategic thinking sometimes involves using his Titan form as a diversion or distraction, rather than directly attacking.

Armin’s Colossal Titan form is heavily muscled, which provides him with immense strength.

Armin’s Colossal Titan form is also heavily armored, making him difficult to harm.

Armin’s transformation into the Colossal Titan causes his body temperature to rise significantly.

Armin’s Colossal Titan form is able to break through the walls surrounding the human cities.

Armin is willing to make difficult choices and sacrifices to achieve his goals, even if it means betraying his comrades.

Armin is one of the few characters in Attack on Titan who is able to communicate with Titans without the use of a device.

Armin’s curiosity and desire to learn sometimes put him in danger, such as when he and Eren sneaked out of the walls to explore.

Armin’s intelligence sometimes makes him appear arrogant or condescending to others.

Armin’s tactical thinking often involves predicting the actions of his enemies and using their weaknesses against them.

Armin’s Colossal Titan form was originally intended for Bertolt Hoover, who passed on the power to Armin.

Armin’s transformation into the Colossal Titan is one of the most significant events in the series, as it leads to major changes in the story’s direction.

Armin’s character arc involves his transformation from a timid, bookish boy to a brave, strategic leader who is willing to make difficult choices for the sake of humanity.


Q: Who is the voice actor for Armin? A: Armin Arlert’s voice actor in the original Japanese version of “Attack on Titan” is Marina Inoue.

Q: What is Armin’s Titan form? A: Armin Arlert’s Titan form is known as the Colossal Titan. When he transforms into this Titan, he possesses immense size and the ability to release explosive steam.

Q: Who is Armin’s grandfather? A: Armin Arlert’s grandfather is not a significant character in the “Attack on Titan” series, and his name or role has not been specifically mentioned.

Q: What is Armin’s full name in “Attack on Titan”? A: Armin Arlert’s full name is simply Armin Arlert. No additional names or surnames have been given for his character.

Q: What is Armin’s Titan name? A: Armin Arlert’s Titan form is referred to as the Colossal Titan, which is the same as the name of the Titan he transforms into.

Q: What do we know about Armin’s parents? A: In the “Attack on Titan” series, not much information is provided about Armin Arlert’s parents. Their names and backgrounds have not been explored in detail.

Q: How many times does Armin transform? A: Armin Arlert transforms into the Colossal Titan only once in the series. This transformation occurs during the Battle of Shiganshina District in Season 3 of the anime.

Q: Why didn’t Armin use the Colossal Titan? A: Armin’s transformation into the Colossal Titan is a significant event in the story, and it occurs at a specific moment for strategic purposes. The decision not to use the transformation at other times is a plot-driven choice made by the creators of the series.

Q: What is the origin of the name “Arlert”? A: The origin or meaning of the name “Arlert” has not been officially explained in the “Attack on Titan” series. It is a fictional surname created for the character of Armin Arlert.

Q: Who is Armin Arlert? A: Armin Arlert is one of the main characters in the “Attack on Titan” series. He is a childhood friend of Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman and serves as a strategic thinker and tactician within the Scout Regiment.

Q: What is Armin’s last name? A: Armin’s last name is Arlert.

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